Work At Home Idea And Opportunity- How To Use A Blog To Promote It

Work At Home Idea And Opportunity- How To Use A Blog To Promote It

Article by Gianfranco Focarelli

There are many people that get online looking for the right work at home idea and opportunity for them. If you look hard enough you won’t have any problems finding something. The problem occurs when you try to promote your new home business but you are not sure what to start with.

One tool that is essential to the success of your business is a blog. No matter what work at home idea and opportunity you promote there are a couple of different reasons why you want to have a blog.

One: Search engines love blogs because if you do it right, your blog will have fresh content on a regular basis. Fresh content is what the search engines look for.

When you submit your blog articles to various social directories this serves as bait for search engines and leads them back to your blog.

Two: You can easily write a short article to post on your blog every week or find someone to write it for you. So keeping fresh content on your site doesn’t take long at all.

250 word articles are more than long enough to get your point across and add value. After you write a few of these you will find you can write short meaningful blog posts in 15 to 20 minutes.

Three: There are many different blog directories where you can submit the URL to your blog. It is easier to promote this way. Of course there are other ways you can promote it but this is the most easiest and most popular way.

Four: On a blog your potential customers can interact by leaving their comment on your blog about what they think of an article or something else that you have on there. People love sites where they can interact with other people.

Five: You can put the RSS feed from your blog onto another site that you own so that you will be promoting the other site as well as your blog. Plus using the RSS feed from your blog will give your other site fresh content on a regular basis.

RSS feeds are a grat way to people informed about your business. Whereas email marketing can be tough to get your email past a spam filter you do have that problem with these.

This is several good reasons why you need a blog to promote your work at home idea and opportunity. They are easy to set up too so you may as well get one going today.

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