Offline Business Consulting – An Additional Venue For Free Work at Home Marketers

Offline Business Consulting – An Additional Venue For Free Work at Home Marketers

Article by Paul Marshall

Are you an online business owner? Are you an internet marketer with a developed set of skills? Have you been working on your online business for some time and are still looking for another way to earn more money while working from home? Are you still searching for free work at home opportunities? Then you should consider offering out your skills to offline businesses so that you can help them grow.

If you have been developing your own website for some time now, then you have probably already earned yourself several skills to create an effective business site. Some of these skills are website design, lead generation, article marketing, writing press releases, and more. These are the very skills that you can offer as a service to offline businesses. Lets talk about how an internet marketer can make a killing with offline business consulting.

Typically, an offline business would consist of your local hardware retail store, the seed grower distributor or even the wholesale coffee seller. These businesses know that in order to grow and compete with others, they need to have an online presence. Sadly, most of these businesses give up before they can even start their own website once they find out the high cost of hiring a professional marketer for their business. This is where your expertise as an internet marketer comes in.

You can approach an offline business offering a whole slew of services. First off would be your skills in website designing. You can offer to design a website that is according to their budget. After designing their website, you can offer to create a blog. Explain to them that a website can become static if no traffic is directed to them. A blog is one way of directing traffic to their site. Customers can communicate with them better through their blog. They can also post new products, their scheduled bargain sales and specials in their blog.

Social networking is now a necessity if a business hopes to grow globally. As a part of your service, you can also offer to create their profile on social media such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Plaxo. After their profile has been created, it is a simple matter of adding as many friends as you can to increase their exposure. This can be taken further by using another site such as FriendFeed to link the website to all popular social networks and manage it all from one site.

SEO is another major area that you can offer to offline businesses. A website may just remain static if it is not keyword optimized for Google and other search engines. Keyword optimization is a very cost-minimal way to market their products and services. Compare it to professional online marketing where ads have to be purchased for a very high fee; SEO consulting is more a more cost-effective way of growing a business.

There are just so many ways to make offline consulting a major contributor of your income. Although the internet is filled with free work at home ideas, there is nothing that can be better than making your skills as an internet marketer work for you. With offline business consulting, you can watch your income grow steadily.

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