Legitimate Work at Home Business

Legitimate Work at Home Business

Article by John Hughes

Finding legitimate work at home is not a bull $ h!t notion that is never going to pan out for you. There are numerous legitimate work at home opportunities available if you know where to look. The best place to find a legitimate work at home business is on the internet.

I have put together a short list of legitimate work at home opportunities that you can find on the internet.

1) Selling on Ebay

You can start your own legitimate work at home business as an Ebay power-seller. If you have ever sold anything using Ebay then the idea here is simple. First create your own Ebay store. If you have never sold anything on Ebay before you will need to sign up as a seller first and successfully sell a few items. Find something around the House you no longer use and auction it off. Also make sure to create a paypal account and get it verified.

Once you have your own Ebay store you can begin to sell products that you bought from wholesalers for discounted prices. There are several wholesale websites that can provide you with the hottest products selling on Ebay. Some like WorldWideBrands.com and NAWCA.org even do drop shipping so you don’t have to handle inventory or shipping your self. There are thousands of Ebay stores that earn money online everyday using this simple legitimate work at home business model.

2) Affiliate Marketing

Another legitimate work at home opportunity that has become very popular in the last several years is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers make money by selling other people’s products or services. Basically whenever you refer someone to the product or service and they make a purchase you will get a percentage of that sale. There are websites like ClickBank.com and CommissionJunction.com that are dedicated affiliate networks. You can sign up as an affiliate for free to either of these two sites and choose from thousands of products to promote. The reason this is one of the most attractive legitimate work at home opportunities is because there are virtually no production costs. You don’t have to make the products, stock the products or ship the products.

3) Start a Website or Blog

If you own a website or write your own blog you can post Google Adsense ads on it and earn money online every time visitors click on your ads. The Google Adsense program is free to sign up for and is so easy to implement. Just place the html code onto your site or blog and Google will automatically show relevant ads to your viewers. If you do not own a blog they are easy to start. You can start a blog for free at Blogger.com. Once you have your own blog account write about things you are interested in and place Google ads on your blog. Another way to make money online with your blog is to place affiliate links to products you want to promote.

There are legitimate work at home programs like the Ultimate Wealth Package that will give you a free website so you can start earning money with Google Adsense and affiliate products. The Ultimate Wealth Package also discusses in further detail how to maximize your Ebay stores earning potential along with a host of other legitimate work at home ideas.

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