Leading Canadian Brands CanvasPop & Mabel’s Labels Tap Acceleration Partners …

NEEDHAM, Mass., May 31, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) —
Acceleration Partners, a digital strategy and marketing agency for consumer
products and services companies, is launching and managing new affiliate
marketing programs for two of Canada’s top online merchants, CanvasPop
and Mabel’s Labels.

Affiliate marketing, one of the fastest growing segments of online
commerce, provides a powerful, cost effective approach to new customer
acquisition.Retailers partner with relevant bloggers and content
websites to expand their online presence and increase sales, then grow
their businesses through a channel that is cost efficient and

Both companies chose Acceleration Partners for the firm’s experience
creating and managing affiliate relationships between top retail brands
and parenting and lifestyle bloggers. Hundreds of Canada’s top bloggers
and websites — including OlioBoard.com, DesignEdgeCanada.com and
KissWedding.com – already serve as affiliates for Acceleration Partners
clients including Blurb, Tiny Prints and One King’s Lane.

“A strong affiliate marketing program can give growing online merchants
like CanvasPop and Mabel’s Labels the edge they need to turn a niche
business into a known, sought-after brand. By tapping into affiliates
who already communicate with potential customers, both brands
dramatically expand their reach, effectively reaching the entire North
American market,” said Robert
Glazer, founder and managing partner at Acceleration Partners.

In addition to CanvasPop and Mabel’s Label’s, Acceleration Partners also
manages affiliate programs for consumer brands including Shutterfly,
Tiny Prints, One Kings Lane, Blurb, Tea Collection, Abe’s Market and
Layla Grayce.

The Tiny Prints affiliate program, one of the industry’s top performing,was recently honored with a prestigious “Exceptional Merchant” award at the annual Affiliate Summit in January.

About Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners is a digital strategy and marketing agency focused
on online customer acquisition for consumer products and services
companies. A leader in both digital strategy and performance marketing
strategy and implementation, including affiliate program
development/management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search
Engine Marketing (SEM), Acceleration Partners works with clients to
design strategies and implement programs that deliver measurable,
sustainable growth through transparent, high-value tactics. With a focus
on quantifiable results and client-defined success, Acceleration
Partners sets itself apart through attention to detail and sweating the
small stuff that competitors miss. Clients include One King’s Lane, Tiny
Prints, Shutterfly, Abe’s Market, Blurb, Tea Collection, and Layla
Grayce. For more information, visit
www.acceleration-partners.com .

SOURCE: Acceleration Partners

        For Acceleration Partners
        Kristen Collins, 617-833-5574

Copyright Business Wire 2012

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Article source: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/leading-canadian-brands-canvaspop-mabels-labels-tap-acceleration-partners-for-affiliate-program-management-2012-05-31

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Online Work At Home Ideas: Tips For People Starting Their Internet Marketing Work

Online Work At Home Ideas: Tips For People Starting Their Internet Marketing Work

Article by Andrea Carless

Choosing a career online might seem confusing. With all the advertisements and different online jobs and opportunities to choose from. When you know what job you want, choosing an online job can be easier.

When you browse online, you can see internet based jobs everywhere; some promising you thousands a month. When you look closely at these ads, you can’t even see the details on how to do it or what is it about. Many would choose to work at home than their jobs. So if you want to be part of them here are some tips that you should remember to save your time, effort and money:

1. Only pursue online jobs that are legitimate. No matter how fancy those ads are with their allegedly 6 digit paychecks for you, don’t trust them. Always investigate any kind of business or transaction that you find yourself in. Before you sign into a contract, make sure that you set things clear with your employer- including your hours of work and potential earnings.

2. Start working at home while you’re still employed with your regular job. Start part-time with your online job. When you start part time you will have time to adjust to the work and not get overworked yourself after your regular job. Also, this will help you to learn all the different bases. The more knowledgeable you are of the job in the long run, your employer might increase your salary. If you find yourself improving and getting better on your job and have adapted on home based jobs then you can ask for a full time opportunity to work.

3. Just like in school, you also have to study. Become an expert on your service or product. Research about it and learn more so you can add more benefits to it. Use your knowledge and practice it.

4. Set realistic and reasonable goals. Even though you are working at home, it is still considered a job. Usually, people who work at home work for about 37.7 hours a week. Some people may put in more time as they become more involved in the business or work. You have to invest effort and time for your work. The more time and effort you give, there is a likelihood of higher pay-off. Work at home is not an easy money scheme. Reaching success does not happen overnight. You have to work to earn, if you want to earn big; then you have to work more. Learn to balance your work. Manage your time well, organise your thoughts, discipline yourself to work and concentrate on it.

5. Secure yourself against online frauds. There are many individuals or companies that dupe people into their work at home businesses and take their money. Be careful of those advertisements, sometimes they are just too good to be true. Genuine work at home opportunities are transparent with their information. You can get proper information and training and don’t need to pay them anything.

Bear in mind these five tips when looking for a home based job. Always do your best, consider your work as a job you need to do. Learn to be disciplined in your work. You should treat your work as you would any other job. Educate yourself and save your self from frauds. Working at home is a great opportunity. When you get that first income coming, you will know that working online is a great choice.

About the Author

Want to earn at home with a reputable company? The Utility Warehouse offers you a business opportunity where you can be the boss. Earn more, save more with this business. Learn more about it at => http://www.GetPaidForever.net

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 FastWebFormula Community Buzzes with Activity, Replete with New Training …

Equities.com – News

FastWebFormula Community Buzzes with Activity, Replete with New Training Materials and Helpful Discussion ThreadsFastWebFormula Community Buzzes with Activity, Replete with New Training Materials and Helpful Discussion Threads

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) May 24, 2012
It has only been but a couple of weeks since the launch of Internet business forum FastWebFormula, but members did not waste time getting started. As of the writing of this release, there were already 277members and 4398 posts made. FastWebFormula.com owner and well-known Web marketing expert and coach James Schramko recently delivered a news update on the most important highlights of the latest activities in the community.
“We’re pretty excited about the affiliate marketing case study that’s coming up,” the online mogul reports. “I’ll be showing real statistics from some of my affiliate marketing campaigns.” This case study is simply one of the innumerable training materials available to members of the paid coaching community. Two more have been recently added. One member has posted “$15000 Worth of Success”. Schramko shares, “The good news is that this customer of ours has put this together within four hours so you can see that the information is working. When applied, you can actually get results.” Another one is an outsourcing course put together by another member. It has actually been very popular and is currently receiving great feedback.
One of Schramko’s personal favorites among the topics discussed is email segmentation, going through the process of migrating Aweber to OfficeAutopilot. “I’ve put a lot of thought and strategy behind the way that I segment my emails,” shares Schramko. “I’m going from a 160 separate lists down to just a simple set of tags and groups, which is going to make my email marketing significantly better.”
Still on an email-related note, the online business master states that a few members are talking about moving from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail. “Now, we’re talking about how to actually use Google apps as your email server that runs completely separately to where your website is hosted.” He urges his viewers to do the same, pointing out that it’s what he does for his own business for the reason that Google apps are really powerful. “It has fantastic spam filtering and a lot of ability to create email groups within your business,” he elaborates, adding, “And I don’t think you’re going to blow up Gmail servers any time soon.”
Schramko also highlights the discussion on conversion and finding a unique selling position. “One of the greatest strategies you can have is to find your point of difference to differentiate from your competition,” he asserts.
Other threads talk about podcasts (which is also a popular topic considering that one of the members is a podcasting professional), WordPress plug-ins (“Go lean” is Schramko’s advice), and even headsets (as well as other equipment talk).
Schramko wraps up the news update with a brief account of the local business meet-up in Sydney, recommending such a get-together for members in other areas. He avers, “You’ll find that community bonding is what really propels your business.”
Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/James_Schramko/FastWebFormula/prweb9535956.htm



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Article source: http://www.equities.com/news/news-headline-story?dt=2012-05-24&val=93384&cat=headline

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6 Work At Home Ideas You Can Profit From

6 Work At Home Ideas You Can Profit From

Article by Stephen Pierce

There was a time when the words “work at home” applied to moms and the low paying, but rewarding career of staying at home and raising their kids. The dad was the bread winner and everyone knew the mom worked just as hard playing her very important role.

Today anyone can work at home if they can find something they like to do and can get paid doing it. If you are willing to work as hard for yourself as you would for a boss then you are a work at home candidate. Here are 6 ideas on how you can work at home for yourself.

One way to work at home is to work on your computer and use your telephone. You can approach this from several different avenues.

1. Sell products that create residual income like memberships or MLM programs. MLM or network marketing used to be a hard thing to do. Now anyone can make money if they get an internet based product that can be sold all over the world.

2. Sell other people’s products as an affiliate for them. This is known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is popular because you do not need any money to get started and the businesses you sell for provide the product. You sell. They collect the money and pay you a commission.

3. Provide a service. The internet has opened up a whole new way to make money as a website builder or a blog writer for example. Writing is going to be huge as the many billions of website and blogs need content and someone to write it for them.

4. Type at home or do data entry. There are companies who are willing to pay you to do this type of work. You have to find them. You can start by looking at local small businesses who may just need someone to do office work for them at home.

5. Do paid surveys. This is not a scam, but you will have to wade through companies who want your money and not just your opinion. Paid surveys have been proven to work for people who treat doing it like a business and chase down the work.

6. Sell stuff on eBay. Many people have become millionaires buying and selling on eBay. This is something that will require you to learn how to earn.

This is 6 ways to work at home. If you want to do it bad enough you will come up with a way that works for you. Finding something you enjoy is one key to making money and working at home.

About the Author

Stephen Pierce is an Internet Multi-Millionaire who, with his wife, runs an endless empire of online businesses. He is known as the worlds #1 Internet Wealth Advocate and and teaches others to replicate his success.http://www.LearnHowIMakeMoneyOnline.com

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More Work At Home Ideas, Articles

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How to Make those Work at Home Ideas Profitable

How to Make those Work at Home Ideas Profitable

Article by Harrold Swalve

Copyright 2006 Harrold Swalve

Last week I showed you how to track down easy work from home ideas and I promised I would show you how to build and promote your very own web site. I do hope that you invested your time wisely last week and started your home career with the free tools I introduced to you.

For the ones who did, lets find out how to implement those keywords which you have found. You have to promise yourself that you will take every single step and do not try to do this half or the results will hardly be effective at all.

The first thing you need to decide next, is which way you want to go, there are two options and I will discuss the first one today.

Option #1. Create your own info product around the keywords you have chosen, let’s say your main keyword is gardening, you could write an Ebook, or hire somebody to write it, about “How to get the best looking garden in your neighborhood”.

Make sure to get a great looking cover for your info product, normally I don’t try to do this myself, it is much better to let a professional do this since it will make or break your sales. Out of personal experience I would recommend http://www.absolutecovers.com

You have the Ebook, now you need a sales page where you can send your prospects. To do this work at home opportunity successfully you need to get an effective sales page. To achieve this you might have to do some studying because your sales page will be the only opportunity to sell your product. Your Ebook might be very good, but if your sales page is not then you won’t sell a lot of Ebooks.

Put some bullet points in there, if possible get testimonials, try to give some extra incentives for people to buy your product and also very important, get your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or mini course. The one thing most important, make sure that your payment system is in place and that it works correctly.

Ok, at this moment you have a product to sell and you have a sales page where you can send your customers. Now it is time to start testing, set up a google campaign filled with all the info product related keywords you can come up with. In the future you might want to set up an affiliate program where you can offer other people to sell your product for a percentage of the profits but that is something you should not be doing yet.

In this stage you need to do a lot of testing, keep full control by checking how many visitors you need before you sell one of your Ebooks, this will show you how well your product converts. Try different sales letter lay outs to see which one performs best, try different google ads to learn which keywords and which ad copy perform best and keep doing this till you are convinced that you have got the best selling sales page possible.

Well there you have it, one possible way to start work at home and actually make money. If you have taken these steps you should definitely have made some money by now. For those of you who have not read my previous article “How to track down easy work from home ideas”. You can always find it back at my blog http://www.pocketmoremoney.com/blog/blogger.html

About the Author

Harrold Swalve is a published author and successful online entrepreneur. He owns the Work at Home Job Resource Center http://www.pocketmoremoney.com To learn more about work at home issues and get those burning questions answered just visit his forum at http://www.pocketmoremoney.com/forum/index.php

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