Paper Jamz Guitar Instant Rockstar – Review

Paper Jamz Guitar Instant RockstarPaper jamz guitar instant rockstar is expected to excite girls and boys of all ages. Paper jamz guitar will instantly and easily transform your child into a rockstar.

There are 6 models in the range designed for children aged between 8 and 12. That should not deter any adult from enjoying them too.

A few millimeters thick and made of paper it has no cord and produces real guitar sounds when touched using Active Graphics™ technology.

For your young one to practice and learn, Paper jamz guitar instant rockstar has four modes for jamming:

  • Perfect Play: play perfect guitar to the 3 included hits. Strum along to the song to hear the guitar track. Otherwise you will only hear the backing tracks and vocals.
  • Rhythm: helps you learn how to play the actual song; you control the song’s guitar rhythm.
  • Freestyle: play real chords by pressing more than one fret-create your own songs. The instruction sheet provides a guide to learning major and minor chords.
  • Karaoke: sing and play along with the 3 included songs. You decide which track(s) youwant to mute-vocal: drum or backing tracks or all except the guitar track.

Paper jamz guitar instant rockstar has a choice of six paper jamz guitars. Although made of actual paper, these flat toys are designed by Wow Wee to play Real Music.

  • There is no need to strum, just slide your thumb or fingers up and down over all the strings and pick-ups…using the flats of your fingers.
  • And it’s portable – No cords, you don’t need to plug it into your tv or computer!
  • You’ll be amazed by the quality of the sound and the versatility of the play options Graphics™ Technology

Each Paper Jamz Guitar Instant Rockstar Includes  three exclusive, licensed hit songs;

Style 1  – ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ – ‘Online’ – ‘My Maria’

Style 2 – ‘What I lIke About You’ – Two Princes  – It’sThe End of The World as we Know It

Style 3 – Born to Be Wild – Mississipi Queen – Smoke on the Water

Style 4 – You Really Got Me – Blitzkrieg Bop – Godzilla

Style 5 – Hey There Delilah – All Star – Helicopter

Style 6 – Woman – Rockstar – Take it to the Limit 

Paper jamz guitar instant rockstar accessories:

  • Paper Jamz Drums- six different drum sets each with three exclusive, licensed hit songs to coordinate with Paper Jamz Guitars
  • Paper Jamz Amplifier –plug into Paper Jamz Guitar or Paper Jamz Drums. Real working NXT speaker amplifies your rock star sound! Four styles available. Can also be used to connect to your computer and Ipod or anything with a headphone jack
  • Paper Jamz Guitarstraps-choose from six rockin’ styles

Build Your Own Paper Jamz Rock Bandz!

  • Get your friends together with matching Paper Jamz Guitars…Paper Jamz Drum sets and Paper Jamz amps…and become Instant Rockstar Bandz! Ready to stage your own concerts!

To chose the only affordable and innovative play instrument that provides an instant rock star experience and open-ended play, Visit Paper jamz guitar instant rockstar  NOW! Your Young Ones will thanks you for it.


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