An Internet Marketer’s Guide to Residual Income Program Ideas

An Internet Marketer’s Guide to Residual Income Program Ideas

Article by Sara W.

A residual income program is the most desirable type of affiliate program that you can earn money from online. While affiliate programs earn you a commission on every sale that you make, a residual income affiliate program earn you a commission on every month the buyer maintains their subscription to the service. Some examples of this type of program may be website hosting services, domain name registrations or monthly memberships to an online service.

Making an income from residual income programs offered by hosting companies is an excellent way to create a steady income since people do not tend to switch hosting companies frequently. Some companies offer very attractive affiliate packages. Verify if the packages are residual income programs or one time affiliate commision programs. Domain registration companies are another option to pursue.

Domain registration is renewed every year. Barring any unfortunate interactions with the domain registration company, people renew their website domains automatically. Although domain names cost less than web hosting and therefore the comissions will be lower, this is still a good way to build up some extra residual income. Memberships to online services are another great alternative.

If you’ve used a membership service and like it, why not find out if they have either an affiliate program or better yet a residual income affiliate program allowing you to make money on anyone you refer to them and to receive residual income from that person’s membership each month. It’s easy to write a review about a service or product that you like and people will appreciate a review written by someone who has actually tried the service they are contemplating.

An example of a residual income program offered by a monthly service is the Keyword Crash Course. This is a membership coaching service that teaches people how to make money online through internet and affiliate marketing. I am a member myself and can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s where I learned everything I just wrote in this article. It has allowed me to bring in a growing amount of supplemental income every month. There is no way I’d be where I am without the knowledge and support this course offers.

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Sara W. is an internet marketer who makes a residual income through knowledge she gained through the Keyword Crash Course program. To read more about the course and to try it out for visit

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