7 Internet Marketing Gurus Type Every Newbie Marketer Should Avoid Like The Plague!

7 Internet Marketing Gurus Type Every Newbie Marketer Should Avoid Like The Plague!

March 5th, 2011 | Author: Tiffany

I was reading The Problem With Internet Marketing Gurus Today on Tiffany’s Dow’s Blog and thought that this information should be made available widely on the net but especially to anyone who is thinking of joining the Internet Business. The idea is that it could be part of every IM Newbie induction pack if you will.

Below are the main points that Tiff explores with an added one from me! To read the full blog click HERE and then join the conversation.

Bigfoot sightings and honest Internet Marketing Gurus are just alike. There are a few Internet Marketing gurus who are honest and really do have the customer’s best interest at heart but those gurus are like Bigfoot sightings. You hear about him, but never actually interact with him. Bigfoot is in a class all by himself and gurus can also be separated into classes. Let me share some of the classes of gurus I’ve dealt with as a newbie marketer.

1. The Country Club Guru. These are gurus who belong in the clique among gurus – a modern day boy’s club if you will – where those that have ‘made it’ in marketing belong and have access to information to make even more money. They help each other with insider tips and hook up with joint ventures that rake in the money.

Those who are the up and comers – the newbies like me – come along with their             dreams of seeing the same success but never get accepted into this club. Whose fault          is that? Is it really that the newbies didn’t work the product correctly? Or is that the     gurus have withheld pertinent pieces of the puzzle needed to make success complete        in order to keep selling more of the product. This brings me to the next class of    gurus.

2. The Used Car Salesmen Guru. They’ll show you the great tires and free air freshener but the car isn’t complete. Like the salesmen, these are the gurus who keep you coming back for spare parts. The tires are free, but you have to buy the engine. Otherwise known as selling cycles. Gurus sell product A. But in order to really make it work, you need to buy product B. Why can’t you just sell me the whole darned car up front instead of trying to keep some of it in the showroom? I’m not the failure if you fail to give me everything I need to make the product work.


3. The Sob Story Guru. I am pretty sick and tired of the gurus who presented me with their ‘I was a sob story’ but now I’m so rich because I did this one little thing and I’m so wonderful I want to reach out and touch your life with it. Is it too much to ask for a little honesty? How about telling me about when your big product flops? Don’t feed me that same old lie. Where are the gurus who will step up and say, “Listen, just because it worked for me, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you and I won’t promise you that it will. Buy at your own risk.”

Are you really the guy who was ‘almost homeless’ and now ‘lives on a island in a mansion’? Or are you the one who’s discovered that lying about so called profits        reels in            the masses – the desperate, the dreamers, those seeking to make money      online and       because they think you’re the answer to all their financial woes you get to pick them   clean. Do you really think it’s okay to lie to me? To abuse my trust in humanity just because I represent dollar signs to you?

4. The Lazy Guru. Then there are those gurus who promise great return on passive income (never work another day! Retire tomorrow!). What they don’t tell you is that you’ll have to work your fanny off (harder and longer than you think) before you’ll see even a fraction of what they make. There’s a vast chasm between how well the gurus do and how well the followers do financially. Why? Because YOU, the guru are misleading. I’m not opposed to working my butt off to make passive income work, but why can’t you tell me honestly what I’m in for? Frustrating days, long hours, little return in the beginning, shelling out more than I’ll make.


5. The Disappearing Celebrity Guru. These guys make a name for themselves on the Internet, have a whole host of very expensive products or information (my seminar is ONLY $2,000) and once they’ve closed the sale, they’re out of your life. Good luck getting questions answered.


6. The Product Sells, You Just Suck Guru. Or maybe I should call these guys the ‘it’s not me, it’s you’ gurus. This final class of gurus is perhaps the worst of all. Their product is substandard and they know it. But you don’t. So you buy and when you find out their product is a dud or their system doesn’t work, you get the blame. Not only do you get the blame, you don’t get a refund either. Are you as sick of these kinds of gurus as I am? Bigfoot, where are you????


7. The Affronted Guru. This type cannot understand why the prospective customer, YOU, declines their invitation to spend $1k on YOUR credit card after a 20 minutes ‘interview’ over the phone. They are further incensed that you would not take their special offer of 4 ‘easy’ payments and then get rude to YOU the ‘customer’ for wasting their time.

What’s been YOUR experience with any or all of these guru classes? Join the conversation HERE


Edited By Charles C Boustany



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