Your Special Invitation …

Today I want to tell you about a unique event
which is taking place in a few days time.

Keith Purkiss and Michael Ottman are launching their
first ever giveaway to celebrate St. Swithin’s Day.
(If you haven’t heard of that before, watch out
for my email on July 2nd!)

Keith and Michael know a LOT of marketers from
networking events, forums, coaching courses etc and
have persuaded them to give away some of their best
original products and services in a huge event
launching on Friday 2nd July!

I’ve even heard rumors of an extra special follow up
event which is only for people who join this one…

I will email you again in a few days time with more
details on this unique online event.

This is one you really do NOT want to miss on!

To Your Success!

P.S. If you wondering, “what’s the catch?” This all sounds
great but I can’t get something for nothing –
well, this time you can!

This is an event I will be getting involved in myself
and inviting you to download hundreds of original products
for FREE is my way of thanking you for being my subscriber!

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