Why A Lot Of Prosuming Marketing Projects Fall And How To Avoid The Same Mistakes: Part 3

By:Paul Rawnsley

Welcome to the 3rd of this little sequence explaining how to employ SEO to have your affiliate marketing website work to earn you cash.

Thus far we have seen how to put your site’s keywords into the pages of your site, seeing the website posted in business directories which are all over the internet, and how to employ social networking to create stacks of links back to your affiliate marketing shop. What we have to do now, in order to help the search engines take proper notice of the shop, is to put links and keyword references to it in hundreds of locations.

The most labour intensive and time consuming method of the SEO discipline is article writing, and then getting that article included on blogs, in article banks and suchlike locations all over the internet where they will be discovered by the search engines spiders, and the links and keywords registered which will bolster your website’s ‘score’ for bearing. This is contentious because in some quarters it is seen as conning the system and I totally do not go along with this, AS LONG AS the piece is original material, the subject matter is appropriate and there are no hidden agendas.

The piece can be about anything, it can relate personal experience, a take on a subject in regard to what your shop is about, an informational piece, a review of a product or anything else. I myself attempt to average five hundred and fifty words, put it two links to my shop chained to my keywords, of which I attempt to have both but at least 1 in each paragraph if I can. It’s a demand of SEO that you do not cram your piece full of keywords, but insert them sparingly, and 1 link on each keyword in the whole article is a good rule.

What should it look like? Well, this piece is me doing search engine optimisation for my business website though not for my affiliate marketing website, and if you go over it again you’ll see my rules above are followed in it and if you follow the link in the 2nd paragraph you can find on the News pages a copy of pieces that do support my fishing shop website.

Once it’s done, the next task to do the SEO is to amend the format so that when it is inserted into in lots of different locations, each one gets a unique version. To do that you ‘spin’ the piece. Go through every line and find words that have substitutes. I will take the 1st line of this paragraph as an example:

{lang: 'en-GB'}

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