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Consultant Drives 90% of Her Business from Facebook

In my last article, I asked, “Is Facebook as important to your strategy as Google?” Whether your answer    to this is yes or no, there are a variety of reasons why Facebook can be a useful part of your mix. I was looking at an article I wrote about a year ago about driving traffic to your site with Facebook, and I noticed a comment left last month that tells an interesting story.
Allow me to pull an excerpt from the comment. A consultant named Heather O’Sullivan Canney talked about the reasons she created a Facebook page and why it has helped her business:

As a result (IMO) of creating the page with the INTENTION of engaging and not merely as an advertising platform, I now receive nearly 90% of my business via facebook. Even those who I know personally in my local market, and network with on a daily basis, hire me as a result. They often say “I didn’t really think I needed you, but I was sitting there stressing out about my marketing plan and there you were…” (or something along those lines).

I don’t sell internet marketing products Chris, although as my international fan base continues to grow as a result of facebook, I am being asked to create online products.

The key (IMO) is having the intention of building a community, and engaging with them. Nobody wants another place to be advertised to in the ‘in your face’ sense of the word. We want to buy things, and we need to know that they exist, but we want to buy – not ‘be sold to’.

Let’s not get too consumed in the Facebook vs. Google aspect. It is an interesting discussion, but there are no rules (luckily) saying you have to use one and not the other. They are both your friends. And they both provide different ways of getting your business and your message found by potential customers.

As long as I’ve brought it up,however, Facebook does appear to be coming quite the competitor to Google. This week, Nielsen shared some data about time spent online by U.S. Internet users, and the average Facebook user spends about seven hours a month on Facebook. The average Google users spends about two.

It is true that you don’t have to spend much time on Google if it is doing its job right (at least with regards to the search engine), but the fact that  Facebook is where people already are for that amount of time says a lot about its potential. On top of that, Facebook continues to find new ways of keeping users around even more.

Is Facebook a waste of time? It can be, but not to everyone. It’s how you use it. As I mentioned in a comment on the article I linked to above, you can waste a lot of time on Google too. It comes down to personal discipline.

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