Twitter Redesign May Affect Businesses

Twitter Redesign May Affect Businesses

By Doug Caverly – Fri, 04/09/2010 – 2:05pm.

New layout could show community involvement (or lack thereof)

Small business owners who use Twitter may want to prepare for a bit of a change.  Twitter’s Creative Director, Doug Bowman, has shown off a partial screenshot of “what may end up a significant redesign.”

Note: there’s no sign yet that this is going to ruin anyone – there are no “this is a commercial account with a low trust rating” stamps visible, for example.  It just looks like Twitter may subtly encourage all users to be proper members of the online community.

You can imagine how the “days on Twitter” counter might lend older accounts more credibility, for example, whereas the owners of newer accounts might wind up looking like uncool latecomers who never believed in the site.

Also, the “tweets/day” and “replies recently” stats may reward accounts that are active, but not just blasting out marketing messages all the time.

Of course, Bowman warned that nothing’s been finalized yet, and there’s presumably a whole lot of stuff that his one (partial) screenshot doesn’t show.  So even as you think about these few details, brace for anything.  And that includes the timing of the overhaul, since neither Bowman nor anyone else connected with Twitter seems to have uttered a peep on that front.

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