Twitter Gives 3 Huge Reasons for Businesses to Use Twitter

Twitter Gives 3 Huge Reasons for Businesses to Use Twitter

By Chris Crum – Wed, 04/14/2010 – 4:51pm.

19 Billion Searches Per Month, 105 Million Users, 100,000 Apps

If you truly feel that not using Twitter for your business is the way to go, then don’t use it. However, Twitter dropped some pretty interesting statistics at its Developer Conference, which may perk your ears up, if not make you reconsider your position.

1. Twitter Gets 19 billion Searches Per Month.

Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan spoke with Twitter CEO Evan Williams who says Twitter gets about 19 billion searches per month. If you compare that with comScore estimates for the major search engines (as Sullivan did here, along with all the caveats that come with that), that puts Twitter in 2nd place, just behind Google – ahead of Yahoo and Bing.

Where Twitter ranks in searches compared to the search engines really isn’t the point. The point is that people are using Twitter and Twitter apps A LOT to find information. I think you can see where this could be useful to know from a business standpoint. By the way, Twitter also just announced a little thing called “Promoted Tweets” – ads that will initially show up for Twitter searches.

2. Twitter has over 105 million users.

Last week, Matthew Daines, the lead developer of our own Twellow did some math and suggested that Twitter had probably surpassed 100 million users. It turns out he was right, because Williams said at the conference that Twitter actually has over 105 million, and adds about 300,000 a day. Once again, I think you can see why this might be of interest.

3. There are over 100 thousand registered Apps

There are so many Twitter apps out there that are making Twitter usable and more efficient to people. There are apps that shape Twitter around a person’s specific needs. This no doubt plays a huge role in Twitter’s growth, which will continue. It also means there are a lot of ways you can use Twitter yourself as a business.

At WebProNews, we recently revisited a Twitter app directory called OneForty. Now this directory has only a fraction of that 100,000 apps listed, but there are nearly 2,700, and that’s still plenty. They are broken down into categories like advertising, analytics, business, email, mobile, monitoring, networking, shopping, etc. There is no question you will be able to find some useful apps there or in another Twitter app directory.

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