The Impact of Mobile on the Holidays

The Impact of Mobile on the Holidays

By Abby Johnson – Wed, 12/08/2010 – 3:05pm.

And why it matters to your business

Although consumers are embracing mobile at a rapid rate, most businesses are not jumping on the bandwagon as quickly. A recent report from eCommerce Know-How actually showed that 58 percent of companies are not utilizing mobile marketing or mobile commerce. Is this number surprising to you?

As pointed out in the above video, the biggest reasons for companies not embracing mobile are because:

1.    The investment was too much (31%)
2.    Their customers weren’t mobile (31%)
3.    No one was available to manage it (31%)
4.    It was incompatible with their ecommerce system (31%)

The companies also said that executives weren’t behind their mobile efforts (23.8%), they didn’t know how to get mobile (11.9%), it was too much work (21.9%), and they were worried about security issues (9.5%).

On the other hand, the National Retail Federation also recently issued their 2010 eHoliday pre-holiday survey in partnership with BIGresearch. This survey found that more than one-fourth of retailers said that they invested “significantly” in mobile commerce applications in order to prepare for the holiday season.

It also found that over one-quarter of Americans that have smartphones said they would use them to research or make holiday purchases this year. In addition, the survey revealed that consumers depend on mobile devices for shopping events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Both of these surveys indicate that businesses are not keeping up with consumers, which is, unfortunately, a common problem. Social media is another area in which businesses have not kept up with consumers.

In short, mobile is impacting this year’s holiday season and the companies that do not have mobile efforts are missing out on valuable opportunities. eCommerce Know-How even found that more than 40 percent of the companies that are embracing mobile have seen a positive ROI from their efforts.

Is your business taking advantage of mobile marketing and mobile commerce this holiday season?

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