Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants Turns 10

Successful Affiliate Marketing for MerchantsI started writing about affiliate marketing in 1999 with my first column for, “Affiliate Programs 101 – A Primer For Success“. In late 2000, Que Publishing found me on and contacted me about writing a book on affiliate program management.

I had about six weeks at the end of 2000 to finish up what was originally titled “Pay for Performance: Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants.”

The book, “Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants,” which was based on my early years of managing affiliate programs, came out a few months later.

The official release date on Amazon is April 21, 2001, though it did come out earlier, because I brought a box of copies to sell at the Affiliate Force conference, which took place on a cruise ship over April 20-23, 2001.

Affiliate Force 2001

Anyhow, it’s ten years later, and it has been gratifying to hear from so many people over time on how the book helped them to learn what to do when they were thrust into the position of an affiliate manager.

The book is pretty out of date now. Well, there were parts that were out of date from the time I turned in the manuscript to when it was published. But that’s the nature of any book about Internet business.

In 2007, I updated each of the chapters in short videos, which I posted to YouTube. You can see all of the chapters of that updated video edition of Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants.

Thanks to everybody who has purchased a copy over the years. Happy Birthday, book.

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