Plowing through the Slumps of Affiliate Marketing – By Nick Reese

The affiliate world has its ups and downs for both new and seasoned marketers. The affiliates that can plow through the slumps are the ones who will be successful.

Here are a few tips to help you overcome the rough patches.

Dream Big When Building Campaigns
Selecting the right affiliate offer/industry is the first step to not burning out as an affiliate. When scouting potential offers, dream big. With enough TLC and testing, many campaigns can be successful. Would you rather be a big fish in a tiny pond or a small fish in a multi-million dollar industry? Capturing a small portion of a huge industry gives you room to grow over time. Don’t limit your long term potential with small thinking. By dreaming big, even the small successes are rewarding because they are often accompanied by sizeable bumps in revenue.

Build a Brand
If you are targeting a large established industry, work toward building a brand. Consumers reward brands with loyalty and Google has been known to show preference to brands in rankings. Building a brand gives you a foundation to stand on when your competition gets washed away chasing questionable marketing tactics. Brands are the key to sustainability in affiliate marketing and if you know you are building for the future, making smart decisions today is much easier.

Focus on Actionable Information
Invest time and effort in tracking. I’m probably not the first to tell you to take tracking seriously, but investing in solid tracking can help you identify opportunities that otherwise might be over looked. Make sure you have at least simple goal tracking setup. When the going gets tough, analyze what keywords and referrers are converting the best and hunt down similar traffic sources. It is always easier to leverage the data you have instead of shooting blindly in the dark.

Focus on TWO Big Related Projects
Starting a new project is often accompanied by a huge rush of enthusiasm, but as you hit a few speed bumps, this enthusiasm might begin to fizzle. As things start to slow down and you have the urge to shift your attention, start a related project or a sister site that you can cross promote with your main site. When your second project loses steam, pick up where you left off on the first. Feel free to alternate between sites as needed. Most affiliate campaigns go through cycles of excitement. Working on multiple big projects will allow you to “ride the waves” of enthusiasm as they come and go.

Work Smarter Than the Competition
Identify areas of your business where you can work smarter instead of harder. Think outside the box about new ways of accomplishing routine tasks. This alone can make things interesting but remember at the end of the day the only thing that pays off is action. Sometimes this won’t be fun, but long term action is the only key to success.

Nick Reese is a Digital Nomad and Author of How to Turn Traffic and Trust into Sales.

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