Pingdom Lists Reasons To Monitor Your Website

Pingdom Lists Reasons To Monitor Your Website

By Doug Caverly – Fri, 08/06/2010 – 2:27pm.

Uptime/downtime awareness an important asset

Many websites owners more or less assume their sites will always work.  And there’s really no reason for the uninitiated to believe otherwise, since there aren’t any obvious moving parts poised to fail.  But of course, sites can experience problems, and there are many reasons why small business owners should monitor them.

A post on the Royal Pingdom blog actually outlined 20 reasons on Friday.  Now, there is some overlap between them, and we should also note that Pingdom is a provider of uptime monitoring services, so it has a stake in this matter.

Still, the reasons are convincing.  To hit upon a few of them: “The sooner you know about a problem, the sooner you can fix it,” “[i]t’s embarrassing when your users call you to let you know your site is down,” and “[y]our website may work for YOU, but what about the rest of the world.”

The blog post also pointed out, “There is no ‘in the middle of the night’ on the web,” “[i]t doesn’t have to cost anything,” and “[y]ou’ll have proof that you’re doing a good job.”

So small business owners who haven’t already done so should definitely look into uptime monitoring services.  Consider them the online equivalent of traffic reports, where owners stand a chance of clearing wrecks and rerouting motorists, too.

By the way, although we’re not badmouthing rivals, Pingdom doesn’t represent a bad starting point in terms of seeking providers of either free or paid monitoring services.

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