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I frequently get requests to jump on the phone for just five or ten minutes, so people can pick my brain on affiliate marketing.

Pick my brainI used to always take these calls, but they were never just five or ten minutes, and they amounted to spending big chunks of my time giving free consulting.

So, I got a kick out of the post from Jason Falls on How To Respond To The “Pick My Brain” Question.

Like Jason, I don’t really get the view from some folks that skills and knowledge I’ve worked on building since 1997 should be available on call for free. Or for a cup of coffee or lunch.

So anyway, for anybody who is bemused and/or disgusted that I charge for consulting, there are free options out there.

Back in 2004, I started up Ask Shawn Collins, where people could ask me any affiliate marketing question, and I’d answer it on my affiliate marketing blog. Currently, I’ve answered nearly 400 of those questions.

Some of those people have asked me to notify them when I posted the answer, because they don’t read my blog. Fair enough, but take a hike.

Others gripe that they need the answer now, and they can’t wait until I get around to answering it. For those who demand the express lane, there is paid affiliate marketing consulting by phone.

They usually find they can suddenly be a little patient.

Also, there is the Affiliate Summit affiliate marketing forum.

This is a free forum to discuss affiliate marketing issues and ask questions that are answered by myself and countless others in the industry.

You want to pick my brain? I’m happy to help, but the answer is going to be public on my blog or the Affiliate Summit forum, so it can benefit others. And it will be on my schedule.

That’s the price you pay for getting experienced, free advice.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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