KissMyAds Announces New Mobile Affiliate Marketing Program

Making mobile marketing even more powerful, KissMyAds Ltd. recently announced its mobile affiliate marketing program to customers and partners worldwide. The program will enable advertisers, app developers and Web publishers intelligent tools to benefit more efficiently from mobile marketing. With this advanced platform, advertisers will easily be able to connect to a rapidly growing audience on their mobile devices.

Helping advertisers minimize stray loss and optimize marketing performance, KissMyAds is absolutely is risk-free and user-friendly. The solution is very much scalable and provides its affiliates an array of new opportunities to generate and enhance revenues through mobile Web traffic. It meets the requirements of large advertisers and individual developers alike.

KissMyAds includes various features to which enables seamless campaigns steering, control spending, and boost performance. With the new affiliate program, KissMyAds’ consumers can drive app-store downloads – including in Apple’s App Store, Android’s (NewsAlert) Market and Nokia’s Ovi Store – with the help of app affiliates, who in turn benefit from their long-term success.

Compatible with practically any mobile product, KissMyAds was the first to offer advertisers the full spectrum of individual revenue models to choose from: cost per action (CPA), cost per sale (CPS), and lifetime revenue share. The solution affiliates benefit directly from mobile traffic generated either through Web or in-app advertising.

One of the better qualities in KissMyAds is its ability to automatically manages campaigns and learn from past performance to increase output for its advertising customers. It self-optimizes the advertising material and progressive tracking techniques. A win-win package designed to meet the needs of webmasters and merchants alike.

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