Internet Affiliate Marketing Demystified – Part 1

Internet Affiliate Marketing Internet Affiliate Marketing is said to be the most popular business model online. In a nutshell you are an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. Put simply people have a need that requires satisfying or a problem that needs solving.  Your job will be to find these affiliate programs that have the products and or services that meet these needs. When your customer buys the product or service, the seller will pay you a fee.  It is really as simple as that and I hope to show you in the following articles what this will entail.

First, and most importantly you must find the Need. What I mean is you must first find out who is your target market.

Second, having established who is going to be your prospective customers you will need to find out what they want and if they can afford to buy it.

Thirdly, you will need to source organizations, companies or individuals who have affiliate programs with enough products and services to be able to satisfy your clients’ needs.

And finally you will need a proven system to be able to deliver your business model

Now some are of the opinion that you must have a passion or expertise in the specific market you are targeting. The rationale is that you might be excited and willing to sell anything to anyone to start with but after a while it will take a lot of motivation to be able to sustain such an enthusiasm.

Others say that all you need is a proven system and no need to know more than the basics of the market and the products you are going to sell. The decision is entirely yours as you know what fits you best.

However one thing everyone agrees upon is that the target market must have money and is willing to invest into your products and services as without that you might have the best products on the market but no one can afford to buy them. Many people make that fundamental mistake so start an Internet Affiliate Marketing business by finding people with a need who have and are willing to spend their money on your products. Of course they don’t have to be ‘your’ products but those of the affiliate programs.

Of course if it happens that your are an expert in a market that you are also passionate about and can provide your own products or services you know are needed, well you have hit the jackpot my friend.

In the next article I will expand a little more hoping to demystify Internet Affiliate Marketing so that you can have the necessary information that will help you come to an informed decision.

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