HelmetHead Cycle Announces Lifetime Commission Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Affiliate marketing is the process of referring someone to another company’s products or services, where the referrer earns a commission on sales. Lifetime commissions means that an affiliate continuously makes commissions on any leads, regardless of how many times they have purchased before.

“It’s best to promote products that you actually use because it adds to the credibility, which gives you a better chance of making sales,” says Jeremy Harris, media coordinator and director for HelmetHead Cycle. “Our upcoming affiliate marketing program allows people to have their own subdomains for our company, whereas instead of helmetheadcycle.com an affiliate can have their username.helmetheadcycle.com. We think that this customized subdomain approach will give our affiliates an advantage over traditional affiliate marketing opportunities that exist throughout the web, and can even be used for word of mouth leads. For example, Joe Blow can say,’visit joeblow.helmetheadcycle.com next time you need motorcycle tires’ to his buddies and they’ll remember that. Our site will know to credit Joe based on his custom URL’,” explains Harris.

HelmetHead Cycle will offer tracking and performance tools to their sales affiliates to see an overview of their sales commissions, how many people they have referred and how many have purchased products.

“It doesn’t matter if you refer someone to one product and they buy another instead. As long as you make the referrer connection, you get paid a sales commission,” Harris says in closing.

The affiliate marketing service is due to launch in April 2011, on a new website that is customized for affiliate marketing opportunities and ease of use navigation.

Celebrating their 10 year anniversary, HelmetHead Cycle (helmetheadcycle.com) sells motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile products internationally. Their founding product, the Helmet Sunblocker has made its way into over 200 locations throughout the U.S. Alone, as well as Canada, United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands. Other products include luggage, camping supplies, tires and parts and accessories for all types of applications.

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Article source: http://www.newswiretoday.com/news/88246/HelmetHead_Cycle_Announces_Lifetime_Commission_Affiliate_Marketing_Opportunity/

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