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Today at ad:tech New York, HasOffers (www.hasoffers.com), the first software as a service (SAAS) affiliate tracking platform, announced “Offer Goals,” a hybrid way for brands to compensate affiliates based on specific user actions.

With Offer Goals, brands now have the ability to align affiliate compensation with various levels of user commitment. Businesses with paid service models can track free sign-ups and paid subscriptions. Online retail businesses can compensate affiliates at lower amounts for certain products and higher amounts for more profitable products and gaming companies can reward affiliates for users and include additional payouts when users become buyers. In addition, media websites and advertising companies can create offers with hybrid pricing models that compensate affiliates for clicks and conversions.

“Our customers have been waiting for a way to easily track and manage their networks based on specific offers,” said Lucas Brown, CEO and founder, HasOffers. “The new Offer Goals feature provides these options and more in a way that is completely unique to any existing affiliate tracking platform today.”

It’s been standard for offers or campaigns to only track one payout such as a CPA or CPL. Each unique payout used to be tracked with separate offers or campaigns. Offer Goals allow brands to track various payout goals on a single offer. This new hybrid tracking makes it easy to compensate affiliates for various user actions and analyze the multiple revenue points.

For each goal created under a single offer, HasOffers generates unique tracking pixels for that goal. When a user completes an action and the goal pixel is displayed, a conversion is recorded for the specific goal. Brands can set different payouts for each goal and even set custom payouts per affiliate for each goal.

“Offer Goals is a fantastic new addition to the HasOffers platform — it allows our partners to have full visibility on their click performance,” said David Burke, partnership manager, iNC Network. “This feature has already saved us hours of generating reports and gives our partners the ability to optimize their campaigns on the fly.”

Offer Goals are only available to HasOffers Pro, Enterprise and Dedicated Solution clients. To gain access to Offer Goals, please upgrade your account by going to www.hasoffers.com. Enable Offer Goals by going to the Customize Application page under the Company tab. Then click “Offers” link in the Settings panel and scan down the page to “Offer Goals.” Once enabled, affiliate marketers will have the option of adding goals to the Payout panel from the Offer View.

About HasOffers
HasOffers (www.hasoffers.com) is the first software as a service (SAAS) affiliate tracking platform. Based in Seattle and founded by twin brothers Lucas and Lee Brown, HasOffers enables large retailers and brands to create, manage and track their own affiliate programs through the company’s simple, safe and scalable platform designed for the cloud. Through HasOffers, major brands and online retailers can effectively connect to customers online. For more information, visit www.hasoffers.com or follow us on Twitter @hasoffers.

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