GetResponse Review

Getresponse Review

An auto-responder is a great way to save time, as it responds to messages with your own set of automatic responses. This GetResponse Review will aim to give you as much information as possible to help you decide if Getresponse auto-responder ““ gives you 100s of media-rich email marketing features to create campaigns that convert contacts into customers – online, on Twitter, and on target!””

GETRESPONSE REVIEW: Top Features and Benefits:

Email Messages that are personalized and targeted to engage your audience

300 + Industry Templates to help you create engaging messages with the personal touch with first name, city/town, language etc… With Getresponse you can also; Split test your campaign, use video email marketing, Personalize opt-in/opt-out pages.

Unlimited Email Marketing!

No limit on your content or creativity! You can have UNLIMITED; Email and Follow-up Messages, different domain names, Easy set-up, management and archiving.

Create Conversations!

Are your prospective customers getting their “buzz” from social networks? If so, you can Integrate with Facebook Twitter, Google Analytics, JOOMLA Paypal, 1ShoppingCart, Salesforce as well as online surveys

Profit-Generating Lists

It is all in the list they say! So generate business with plug-and-play web forms! Use them to build your list. These include; Stylish Sign-Up Forms, Capture Contacts 24/7! Add Contacts via Your iPhone, Confirmed Opt-In Process, Unlimited Segmentation/Targeting.

Email Analytics

Getresponse Review your stats by product, date, domain, customer, and more! These include; Open and Click Tracking, Complaints and Removals, Google Analytics Integration, Sales Monitoring, Domain Tracking. See the Big Picture with graphs and get customized reports in your inbox daily.

Unparalleled Deliverability

Over 10 years of expert human and state-of-the–art system monitoring, GetResponse ensures that your campaigns – and your brand – are always protected and compliant.

Coaching and Expert Customer Support

You will find coaching is made easy with easy-to –use wizards, On-Demand, Step-by-Step Video Tutorials, Learning Centre/Knowledge Base open 24/7 and Online Forum. Expert Customer Support Free Phone, Email, and Live Chat Support


START – UP TO 250 SUBSCRIBERS   $8.16 /mo with annual discount or $9.95 monthly

PLUS – UP TO 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS   $14.76 /mo with annual discount   or $18.00 monthly

MAX – UP TO 10,000 SUBSCRIBERS   $53.30/mowith annual discount or $65.00monthly

With all the above you can send; Unlimited Emails and Videos,  Email Marketing , 1 GB Multimedia Storage, Online Surveys,  iPhone App. They do have special offers from time to time so please check for current pricing.

GETRESPONSE-360:   50,000+ SUBSCRIBERS. You will need to call 1-877-EMAIL-GR for individual pricing. If you are interested in this plan, what are you doing reading this review? But for the curious amongst you this is the top of the range and includes, Unlimited Emails! High Volume, Sending Customized Solutions, List Management, Email Marketing Consultancy.

ALWAYS FREE Left the best to last. This is an excellent plan from Getresponse for new comers as it gives you time to build your business list with up to100 subscribers and send 500 e-mails per month.

As you have just seen this Getresponse Review has spelled out the main features and benefits and price plan for you to make your mind up. What are you waiting for, RUSH TO GETRESPONSE REVIEW  and try it for free right now!




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