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Las Vegas, NV-AZ (1888PressRelease) July 18, 2011– Goliath Marketing Advertising Agency has launched its new e-commerce website. The new website allows fortune 500 and small businesses to select on-line marketing services they want and buy them on-line. With the redesign of their new site, which they are calling “Goliath 2.0”, they have added competitive pricing, no contracts, and a host of new services. The new option to purchase marketing services for your business on-line includes services for small businesses and fortune 500 companies.

The stand out feature of the new website is the “No Contracts” option. Businesses can now get stellar marketing and advertising services without the hassle of being locked into a contract. Traditional marketing agencies prefer to lock their clients into contracts, which may include a year or more of service. The “No Contract” option is a sign Goliath truly gets what businesses desire most when searching for a marketing company to handle their marketing and advertising efforts, they do not want to be locked into contracts and they want the option to build trust with their marketing agency.

Goliath Marketing Advertising has kept true to its word of continued growth and expansion of services. Currently, they offer SEO Services, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Program Management Services, Social Media Marketing, Data Feed, Shopping Comparison, Creative Services, Email Marketing, Web design, Direct Mail, Small Business Website Marketing, Corporate Marketing Services, and Free Website Analysis. Their ever-growing list of services will in the near future include Talent and Sports Marketing in addition to a few patented platforms for e-commerce fortune 500 businesses that Goliath hopes will change the way e-commerce companies do business with their consumers.

Goliath recently opened its Small Business division and name C. Jones as its Small Business Division – Director of Operations. With this new division of the Agency, small business owners will be able to get some of the same marketing services at a price they can afford. Goliath Marketing Advertising found a way to appeal to the needs of small business owners by offering services needed to start and maintain any small business in terms of marketing and advertising. They are currently working on a Talent Division, which has named Shaleka Jones as the Talent Division – Director of Operations. The Talent Division of Goliath Marketing Advertising will allow businesses to get their marketing advertising needs met all in one place. Businesses will no longer have the need to search for a modeling/talent agency to book talent for their marketing campaigns they will be able to find what they need at Goliath. Businesses will be able to search a catalog, which will feature photos, resumes, price, and talent type (Model, Actor, Voice -Over, Singers, and Spokes-Model. Businesses will be able to purchase all their talent needs on-line via the Goliath website.

“After evaluating feedback from business owners, I thought it would be beneficial to create a small business division that focuses on the needs of that demographic. We understand that the small business owners’ budget is a primary factor when considering what marketing strategy to use. That being said, small businesses are the meat of our economic recovery and deserve to have the same marketing opportunities as fortune 500 businesses. The new division does not sacrifice quality but offers lower prices that fit the small business budget, which will allow them to utilize our marketing services and experience the benefits of having a professional marketing strategy. We understand that small businesses have different needs then a fortune 500. With that in mind, we will continue to expand our marketing services to fortune 500 companies in addition to placing a strong emphasis on our commitment to helping small businesses become big businesses.

While making an effort to be visionary and not so much quixotic in regards to our new “No Contract” option, we felt it would be wise to offer marketing services to businesses without the hassle of locking them into contracts, thus the “No Contract” option was developed. We thought about what businesses need and want and the number one thing was trust and great service. We felt confident about the quality of our service that we could offer “No Contracts” to our clients and know that we can build a great business relationship with them and they will continue to use our services without locking them into anything. We want to make our customers happy and we recognize that no one is happy when they are forced to commit to something, so we decided to make our customers happy and give them what they want.

We want to force the envelope a little bit when it comes to traditional marketing agencies and their approach to client services and customer services. With my marketing background and having worked for Zappos when they were a start-up to when they became a successful company, I learned how important customer service really is, no matter what type of business you have. That is precisely why we will continue to expand our services, which will include some patented platforms for e-commerce companies, hotels, sports, and a talent division. I am particularly excited about the Talent Division because of my background with modeling/talent agencies. We are excited for all the changes that will be coming to our website in the near future, anyone who visits the site will see continuous changes due to the new services being offered and new-patented technology being added, so there are more website redesigns in the works, as we add more services our website will continue to evolve.” Says Qiana Jones, CEO of Goliath Marketing Advertising.

If you would like more information about Goliath Marketing Advertising or to schedule an interview with the chief executive officer Qiana Jones, you may visit their website at

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