Facebook’s Privacy Dilemma

Facebook’s Privacy Dilemma

By: Chad Sweely

With Facebook being the world’s largest social networking site, and its registered users being so diverse in culture and thought patterns, any cosmetic or functionality change to the site (no matter how small it may be) will cause an uproar. Recently, the topic that has Facebook users up in arms is the new privacy settings.

These new settings allow a more elaborate interface for the way your profile information is displayed and visible for other users to see. A Facebook user can toggle these settings for the different levels of privacy that they want, such as Recommended (what Facebook suggests for you), Friends (how the people in your friends list can see your information), Friends of Friends (how mutual friends of yours can view your information), and Everyone (how the rest of the world can view your Facebook profile,
including search engines and information pulled from APIs).

Covering the reaction from Facebook users concerning these new privacy settings, WebProNews (this directory’s parent website) has published the following articles:

  • Facebook Introduces New Privacy Settings – Facebook gives users more control.
  • Facebook Users Consider Leaving Over Privacy Worries – Facebook users want more control of their info.
  • Do Facebook’s New Privacy Settings Really Protect Your Privacy? – As long as users are comfortable, facebook and businesses will benefit.

With the security changes on Facebook mentioned above, the WebProNews eBusiness Directory has two categories that relate to this premise, and I would like to bring them to your attention below.

  • Information Security – This category is filled with user-submitted listings that pertain to keeping your information secure to how you want your data publicized on the internet and other media.
  • Social Media Blogs – Blogs and news sites that sound off about and discuss the latest happenings within the social media/networking world.

If you have a website that either pertains to or discusses the recent Facebook privacy changes, please be sure to submit your site to our directory, because this is currently a hot and trending topic and impacts the way that eBusiness is handled as well.

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