DipStop Inc. Announces Premier Affiliate Marketing Program

DipStop Inc., the leading manufacturer of non-tobacco, non-nicotine alternatives to smokeless tobacco, announces premier affiliate marketing program. This unprecedented action marks the beginning of an eighteen month campaign to solidify the leadership position of the BaccOff brand of non nicotine, smokeless tobacco alternative products.

Montgomery, AL (PRWEB) April 30, 2011

DipStop™, the leading manufacturer of non-tobacco, non-nicotine alternatives to smokeless tobacco, announces premier affiliate marketing program.

DipStop™ is the leading manufacturer of BaccOff™ non tobacco, non-nicotine snuff and smokeless tobacco cessation products. Established in 1991, DipStop™ pioneered the industry and was first to market with several innovative products that have paved the way for smokeless tobacco users all over the world to quit for good. The widespread adoption of policies prohibiting smoking in public workplaces, government buildings, and restaurants has driven hundreds of thousands of smokers to smokeless tobacco as a less visible means of nicotine delivery. Unfortunately, once the switch is made, ex-smokers find that smokeless tobacco is more addictive, more hazardous, and more difficult to quit than cigarettes. Customers are generally repeat buyers because the BaccOff™ line of products replaces nicotine and makes it much easier to deal with the problems associated with kicking nicotine addiction.

Smokeless tobacco is still perceived by many users to be a “safer” alternative to smoking for those addicted to nicotine. Studies have shown, however, that because of prolonged contact with tobacco in the mouth, the average “chewer” ingests three to five times as much nicotine and carcinogens as the average smoker.

Often referred to as snuff, dip, or chew, smokeless tobacco products are recognized as one of the leading causes of oral cancer in men over 40. Oral cancers have a relatively high mortality rate compared to other forms of cancer because early detection is often difficult. Some studies have shown that the high nicotine levels ingested using smokeless tobacco may cause pancreatic cancer, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.

Management at DipStop™ believes that the internet affiliate marketing model provides the most cost –effective method of extending the reach of the BaccOff™ brand while providing affiliate marketers with an opportunity to earn above average payouts on average sales of seventy dollars per transaction in a very high growth industry.

DipStop™ was founded in 1991 by Russell Ralston to combat the critical health problems associated with smokeless tobacco by helping users break the nicotine habit. Family owned and operated in Selma, Alabama, DipStop™ is one of several business units dedicated to the development and introduction of innovative products created to improve the health and well-being of its global customer base. Initially offered in wintergreen, cinnamon, and mint flavors, BaccOff™ straight non-tobacco chew was introduced in 1993 as the first chewing tobacco alternative with the taste, texture, and *spitability of real tobacco snuff.

*spitability – The wherewithal to expel a reasonable amount of brownish liquid from between the lips with sufficient force to roll small bugs, stir up dust, and send dogs and cats running for cover.

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