Connecticut Company Brings Affiliate Marketing Offline

The book buyback service has recently launched their referral program, but what is unique about the program is that customers are able to earn money offline. Currently, the world of affiliate marketing is only accessible by those who have access to websites where referral links can be posted. The publishers of these links need enough traffic to generate adequate income to make it worthwhile. This is not easy. Very few publishers make good money with affiliate programs. Plus many affiliate programs have a minimum dollar requirement to send payment. Hard earned money might sit in accounts for years until the minimum dollar threshold is reached.

With’s new program, no website will be required to earn referral fees. Every customer that makes an account with will receive a referral code. The code can be used to refer friends and family. When a new customer makes an account with, they are asked to enter a referral code. When an order is placed, the person who referred the customer will receive a commission fee. With this new program, affiliate marketing is accessible for the general public. No website is required.

For example, a customer of earns referral commissions by hanging flyers on college campuses. The flyers contain her referral code. “On my first referral, I earned $8.50. Since then I have been receiving a steady stream of payments,” says Lisa Conker from Texas. is located in Deep River, CT. The company is a book buyback website where customers can receive cash for their used books. Referral commissions are paid when the company receives a referred buyback order in the mail. is a BBB accredited business.


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