Business Centers Turn to Affiliate Marketing

What does affiliate marketing have to do with business centers and virtual offices? What, for that matter, is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a system of revenue sharing. At one side of the virtual table is an affiliate marketer that displays an ad or content on his site that’s designed to drive traffic to a merchant on the other side. That means you, as the business center operator, would pay only for sales, not just for clicks. It’s a no risk proposition that forms the basis of a beautifully profitable relationship for all involved.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Davinci Virtual affiliate marketing banners all over the web lately, but then I read about a deal that shows Regus is getting aggressive on this front. Listen up, business center operators, and consider the benefits of affiliate marketing. If Regus and Davinci Virtual are tapping into this vein, you might want to sharpen your affiliate marketing needle as well.

Here’s the scoop on Regus: Digital services agency Azam Marketing has launched an affiliate program for Regus UK as the first step in a strategy to drive more business for the serviced office space provider in multiple territories around the world. Affiliate marketing is a proven strategy and Azam Marketing is a proven vendor. But you don’t need to hire an agency. You can do this your self through affiliate marketing conduits like Commission Junction.

Affiliate Marketing is winning strategy for anyone who wants to generate some extra cash, from the college student looking to make some spare spending money to the A-list blogger attempting to cash in on his traffic to the savvy Internet publisher who has a little bit of extra room on his feature story pages. Just about anyone with a Web site can make money with affiliate marketing. That means you can advertise, at no-risk, on hundreds or thousands of sites that have relevant content through affiliate marketing middlemen like LinkShare.

Market conditions have never been riper for affiliate marketing. We are past the aftermath of the busted dot-com bubble, e-commerce has fully rebounded, online advertising is growing exponentially, and the Web is more competitive than ever. U.S. online advertising spending overall will reach $26 billion in 2010, according to Forrester Research. Affiliate Marketing counts for part of that growth. Indeed, affiliate marketing lets anybody and everybody get a piece of the pie.

Isn’t it time for your business center to consider affiliate marketing? Or are you going to let Regus dominate this marketing niche?

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