Affiliate Summit East Jammed Packed with Internet Profitting Solutions

While on assignment at the Affiliate Summit East 2010 Conference for WomensRadio, I had a real “eye-opening” experience in learning how to make money online…and I thought I was pretty savvy before I went!

Even though it was my first experience at this particular conference, I’ve attended many conferences here in New York City – many about technology or with a technology component.  None, however, had covered – and few even mentioned – affiliate marketing.   While it is certainly not my area of expertise, as I am sure it was not for many other attendees,  I can now say with a degree of confidence that this conference certainly met me at my level and showed me how to make money online.

It’s probably true that the days of the Mega-sized, all encompassing trade shows and conventions are probably behind us.  Now the emphasis is trending towards smaller, more-focused shows that have strong technical programs.   Yet, I found the Affiliate Summit East jammed packed with some 3500+ attendees.

Why?  To find out, I interviewed several other women attendees to discover what had brought them.

Let’s start with Stephanie Lichtenstein, President Founder of Micro Media Marketing whom I interviewed to find out why she traveled from Florida to this particular conference in New York City.  She said:  “When it comes to the performance marketing industry, Affiliate Summit is the conference you can’t miss. Not only that, but it is where I have built the strongest lasting relationships to grow my company.

And she’s not alone.  Kim Ann Curtin said, “I attended Affiliate Summit East for the first time, in  spite of not being an affiliate marketer. Relationships that began then have now turned into friendships as well as extraordinary business opportunities. Plus I continue to receive an amazing education from proven experts on how to be a more  effective online business woman.”

So what should we attribute to a conference that is able to beat the battle of the doldrums.  Let me give you two examples why a conference like the Affiliate Summit may draw lots of attendees even in times where the trend shows that fewer people are attending trade shows and conferences. Jim Kukral, one of the keynote speakers at the Affiliate Summit may be one of the reasons for their success. He is the Author of Attention,  This book will make you money .  Jim is a motivational speaker who sends a clear message that doer’s get what they want.  He offers an abundance of information in his talk that each person can use  — right now, in the 21st century,  (“BS talks but money walks.”  Boy, did that resonate with the audience – even me, the skeptic, was sold.)

Next, I entered another session lead by Jeremy Shoemaker, nickname (ShoeMoney,) to hear and see a man in red sweats pants and sneakers speaking to a room full  of people about Facebook –from soup to nuts. Yes, giving the scoop on how it works, a subject so many of us want to know more about.  He inspired me to get on line as soon as I returned home and before I left his workshop, he encouraged us all to ask questions, which by the way he generously left me with “don’t hesitate to call me if you have additional questions.” Very refreshing!  And, another reason this conference is a draw – really smart and approachable speakers!

There are always a multitude of reasons why any business makes money, but I think we can all say that when we are trying to find ways to create a successful business, it doesn’t hurt to look to the experts that walk the walk and talk the talk, to look for opportunities to meet others who share valuable information,  to look for a community of like-minded people, With this in mind, you might want to check out the agenda of the upcoming Affiliate Summit West Summit 2011.  Pack your bags and get ready to get the scoop on how it all works, specially – “How to use affiliate marketing as a tool for success.”

Oh, by the way.  If you are wired like me, be prepared to take a vacation after the conference, you’ll need it.  And don’t worry about the cost.  Quality education and networking are gold, and you know what gold is worth in today’s market.

This article was contributed by Susan Brender.

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