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Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative methods of making money online. Best of all, you can start literally from your basement. Many millionaires now started this way. Affiliate marketing can be very profitable. People make up to $3 million per month with affiliate marketing. True. But you are probably not there yet. And you have to start somewhere. This article is geared towards those who do not make any money now. $10 – $20 a day should be your goal. And I’ll show you the easiest way to achieve that.

You can of course choose whichever method works best for you. But from my experience, the following tactic will make your dollars go much further than anything else.

Choose Your Market

It’s pretty basic stuff. You need to pick a market to promote. Gambling, dating, diet, bizopp, credit reports, coupons. Anything you want. There are affiliate programs for almost any product you can think of. Most money is made in large markets. Finance, health, relationship. But it doesn’t mean it’s best for you.

It takes big money to make big money. And you can be sure that the largest fishes swim in the largest pools. When you’re starting out, the least thing you want is competition. Forget the big money people make. Forget everything. Focus on your first $20/day. And to get there the fastest, you should choose a niche market. Small niche. Search,, Those networks sometimes have specific products that rarely anyone advertises. And they can pay you well.

However, these networks are popular. Many affiliates promote even niche products. Even better decision is to find some obscure product (eBay categories/Amazon) and search for affiliate programs. BTW, both of these two mentioned offer affiliate programs. Or come up with a product name. Like some diet pills name. See if they have affiliate program. See if there are searches on Google for that product name. If so, simple buy clicks on Adwords/MSN and drive traffic to the landing page. This is the easiest money you can make.

Product/service names are the easiest to convert. If someone is searching for herbal Phentermine, then they are seriously looking for that. Although this may be general example still. The point is to go where the fewest competitors would hang out. And start advertising there. Find product on clickbank that shows how to teach parrots to talk. Promote it and try to make profit. All you need is 2 sales a day to get you to $20 day profit. Spend $20 and make back $40. If a product pays $30 or more, even better.

There are many opportunities, but the fastest way to make money is by promoting niche products to people who are hungry for what you sell. Sell wooden barrels, Chinese furniture, special candles, wedding rings and so on Forget big markets and focus on small niches. You’ll be making your first $20/daily profits within weeks. Just expand your mindset a bit and search for less popular products/niches.

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