Affiliate Marketing Programme Set To Break Clickbank Record

Affiliate Marketing Programme Set To Break Clickbank Record – Image via CrunchBase

An affiliate marketing programme is all set to break ClickBank’s record for the highest gravity achieved by any product. Gravity is ClickBank’s calculation of how many affiliates have earned a commission by promoting a product. High gravity means that a product is selling outstandingly well for affiliates.

An average gravity will be a single figure number like 1.4, a good product might have a gravity of 15 – 30 – Auto Blog Samurai has an amazingly high gravity of 1,106.06!

The success of this product is seen to be due to the sales video and very strong sales page that are used for its promotion. The smart young lady on the video speaks clearly and with great enthusiasm about how the product works. The clear and dynamic instructions are attracting thousands of people to buy what is currently one of ClickBank’s hottest products.

The Auto Blog Samurai Software Suite is rated as one of the easiest ways to build an online business empire.

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