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Whether you are an established marketer on the net or a novice who wants to jump into this seemingly attractive industry, wouldn’t it be great to have a website where you can hope to get useful advice regarding which affiliate marketing program you should choose? Wouldn’t you like to spend time on a website where both the clients and the marketers concerns and opinions are addressed and discussed?

All this and more are now available on one single website – This website will be launched shortly, and is a veritable directory of the e-books available on this vast topic called affiliate marketing. Right from choosing the right set of products or businesses for which you want to become an affiliate, to helpful tips on designing your website in such a way that you can redirect the most number of your website’s visitors to your client’s site, will scour hundreds of e-books to suggest the ones which can answer all or most of an affiliate marketer’s questions. Whether you are an old hand looking for some new ideas, or a novice out to make your mark in this crowded industry, visit this website and you will never need to read any affiliate marketing book or surf any other affiliate marketing website again.

Affiliate Marketing is a strategic tool used by businesses on the internet to increase revenue generating traffic to their site by rewarding those of their affiliates who are able to direct visitors on their site towards the marketer’s site. These rewards are a small percentage of the actual sales generated through affiliate marketing. So when you consider the fact that sales of more than 2 billion GBP (pounds) were generated through affiliate marketing in the United Kingdom alone as far back as 2006, then you can imagine the amount of money that is being made worldwide today through affiliate marketing.

Everyone loves to join a bandwagon and so hundreds of affiliate marketing sites have mushroomed on the internet today. And in equally high numbers are the get-rich-quick books and e-books about affiliate marketing. Most affiliate marketing books make outrageous claims about how they can, for example, teach you to ‘get filthy rich in fifty days’ or make some other such improbable boast.

But if you do not have the correct people in your social or professional circle who can give you proper guidance about how to select the correct affiliate marketing program, then these e-books are often the only source of useful data and practically helpful advice. So log on to and select the e-book that suits you best.

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