Advertising on Social Networks: Worth it?

By Chris Crum – Wed, 03/10/2010

Can Social Ads Deliver as Well as Search?

Social media is about conversations. That’s the line we’ve been fed time and time again. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s the truth. For marketers and businesses looking to utilize the tools and social networks out there, it will probably serve them well to remember that, but it has often been suggested that directly marketing and trying to sell your product through social networks is in bad taste. That is a topic that probably isn’t so cut and dry.

It’s going to largely depend on not only your goals, but your audience. It’s a different thing altogether when you talk about simply purchasing ads with social networks.

Michael Kahn, SVP, Marketing at Performics says one of the biggest misconceptions people have about social media is that you can’t use it to market or sell.

Facebook has offered advertising for quite some time, and it has over 400 million users. Twitter is expected to launch an ad platform of its own at the upcoming SXSW (from which WebProNews will be providing live coverage), and Twitter has grown greatly over the last couple years.
Can Social Ads Deliver as Well as Search?

Kahn says social is better for selling than many people think. He says Facebook CPC buys can perform really well, at the same ROI as search. Its just that the way Facebook delivers its ads is different than the way Google does. With Google, ads are delivered based on search behavior. With Facebook, ads are delivered based on information that users have chosen to share with Facebook.

Facebook recently began testing a new “promote your post” feature with Facebook Pages. This presents page admins with the option to turn any status update into an ad to run across the social network, as the update is created. If this gets a full roll-out, it could go a long way in boosting advertiser enthusiasm for advertising with Facebook.

We don’t know yet how Twitter’s ads are going to be delivered, but hopefully we will soon. There are other networks that sell advertising on Twitter, however.

Do you advertise on social networks? How is the ROI?

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