5 Easy Ways to Upsell Your Products and Services

5 Easy Ways to Upsell Your Products and Services

By Stacy Karacostas –

5 Easy Ways to Upsell Your Products and Services

1) If you sell and ship products, put an ad or coupon for a related product or an upgrade in the box.

2) Send new clients a thank you card with a promotion for or mention of one of your other services.

3) Put a sign up in your store or office announcing a new offering or special deal. Just make sure it doesn’t get lost in the clutter. And ideally train your staff to point it out.

4) Send targeted follow-up emails to clients or customers offering them a related product or service (you can do this automatically with a good email autoresponder and shopping cart)

5) On your Website, offer an added discount for buying two products or services together (Amazon does a great job of this by always offering a second book on the same subject below your main selection).

Remember, upselling is really just a matter of offering something else your customer is likely to want, based on what they’re buying now. Simple as that.

You’re doing your clients a HUGE disservice if you don’t tell them you have something else they may want or need. And you’re leaving money on the table in your own business.

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