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FastWebFormula Community Buzzes with Activity, Replete with New Training Materials and Helpful Discussion ThreadsFastWebFormula Community Buzzes with Activity, Replete with New Training Materials and Helpful Discussion Threads

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) May 24, 2012
It has only been but a couple of weeks since the launch of Internet business forum FastWebFormula, but members did not waste time getting started. As of the writing of this release, there were already 277members and 4398 posts made. owner and well-known Web marketing expert and coach James Schramko recently delivered a news update on the most important highlights of the latest activities in the community.
“We’re pretty excited about the affiliate marketing case study that’s coming up,” the online mogul reports. “I’ll be showing real statistics from some of my affiliate marketing campaigns.” This case study is simply one of the innumerable training materials available to members of the paid coaching community. Two more have been recently added. One member has posted “$15000 Worth of Success”. Schramko shares, “The good news is that this customer of ours has put this together within four hours so you can see that the information is working. When applied, you can actually get results.” Another one is an outsourcing course put together by another member. It has actually been very popular and is currently receiving great feedback.
One of Schramko’s personal favorites among the topics discussed is email segmentation, going through the process of migrating Aweber to OfficeAutopilot. “I’ve put a lot of thought and strategy behind the way that I segment my emails,” shares Schramko. “I’m going from a 160 separate lists down to just a simple set of tags and groups, which is going to make my email marketing significantly better.”
Still on an email-related note, the online business master states that a few members are talking about moving from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail. “Now, we’re talking about how to actually use Google apps as your email server that runs completely separately to where your website is hosted.” He urges his viewers to do the same, pointing out that it’s what he does for his own business for the reason that Google apps are really powerful. “It has fantastic spam filtering and a lot of ability to create email groups within your business,” he elaborates, adding, “And I don’t think you’re going to blow up Gmail servers any time soon.”
Schramko also highlights the discussion on conversion and finding a unique selling position. “One of the greatest strategies you can have is to find your point of difference to differentiate from your competition,” he asserts.
Other threads talk about podcasts (which is also a popular topic considering that one of the members is a podcasting professional), WordPress plug-ins (“Go lean” is Schramko’s advice), and even headsets (as well as other equipment talk).
Schramko wraps up the news update with a brief account of the local business meet-up in Sydney, recommending such a get-together for members in other areas. He avers, “You’ll find that community bonding is what really propels your business.”
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