YouTube Advice For Small Businesses

YouTube Advice For Small Businesses

By Doug Caverly – Fri, 04/23/2010 – 2:59pm.

The best way(s) to create and maintain a presence

On April 23rd, 2005, YouTube was effectively born when a video was first uploaded to it.  So today, both in honor of that event and as a sort of follow-up to our recent article regarding YouTube business cards, we bring you some tips about using YouTube for the sake of a small business.

Amy-Mae Elliott actually listed ten tips, but we’re just going to hit a few of them here.  Her first and most important piece of advice is “create and customize your channel.”  Having a central video repository is key, and having it not look like everyone else’s is also a good thing.

Next up, we’ll relay tip number five: “engage with the YouTube community.”  Conversations about your product will last much longer if you reply to comments and questions, and this will give your channel an additional personal touch, too.

Tip number eight, “promote your YouTube videos elsewhere,” is also a good one.  Some people may stumble across your clips while clicking around YouTube, but there’s no rule against sending people to YouTube from your site, Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else imaginable.

Finally, for the sake of knowing whether everything you’re doing is paying off, follow Elliott’s tenth piece of advice to “use YouTube’s free analytics tools.”  These are key to learning more about your audience, including what sorts of things your audience likes, which can pay off in a significant fashion.

So as we’ve probably said many, many times before, consider establishing a presence on YouTube if you haven’t already done so, and think about what you could do better if you’ve got a channel in place.

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