Yes it’s true… (The Walmart Guy)

Yes it’s true… (The Walmart Guy)

Did you get my email?

Yes it’s true…

This Fat ex-Walmart guy is re-opening the doors
on his proven 6 figure “real product” strategy…

He’s going to reveal exactly how he pulls in
over $3,742 per day from just a few hours
work each week.

You have to see this:

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He’s even gone one better and thrown a whole
new section in about promoting info products…

That section alone is pulling in over
$70,104 per month and there’s video proof.

You DON’T Need:

– no experience
– no brain
– no tech skills
– no traffic costs
– no hassle

His course is so good he’s got over 3197 active
students who he mentors via video casts in his
members area and your not in yet?!!

Are you:

– SICK of failure
– SICK of false promises
– SICK of systems that plain don’t work
– SICK of the everyday worries of life





You are going to wake up on
July 14th feeling like you stumbled
into the promised land.

Put the date in your diary…

“TUESDAY JULY 13th 2010”

Write this, I dare you…

“The Day I Was Liberated From
The Lies, The Day My Life Changed”.

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With the Walmart Guys system you can be
up and running in less than 2 hours with
absolutely NO previous knowledge…

The guy is so good at teaching his stuff
he’s got a female fan club despite being
fat and greyhaired. He’s even starting
to go bald but his teaching is THAT GOOD!..

…A female fan club.



PS. I’m serious about the chicks, check out the shocking
Fat Guy & The Ferrari video here:

==> Click Here!

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