What Tales Of The Fantastic Are You Using?

What Tales Of The Fantastic Are You Using?

By Danny Brown – Mon, 02/22/2010 – 1:38pm.

In 1947, a businessman from Idaho named  Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine strange disks of light in the sky while flying above the Cascade Mountains in the US.

While his experience wasn’t the first time unexplained objects had been recorded, it was the first time that they were recognized as alien craft. The myth of the UFO was born.

In 1934, one of the most famous photographs in supernatural or unexplained history was taken by Colonel Robert Wilson in Scotland.

Showing what looked like the head and neck of a plesiosaur-type dinosaur, it brought the legend of Nessie the  Loch Ness monster to the attention of the world.

What do these two stories, and more like them, have in common? Simple – the promise of something fantastic that captures the attention of millions worldwide.

While they may or may not have some grounding in fact, what can’t be denied is that they both sparked conversation, interest and tourism to their relative areas that is still fervent today.

In other words, they built interest and started a huge viral chain reaction before viral was even used. By offering a glimpse and nothing more, they let people’s imaginations take over and built an industry around what was perceived, rather than what was.

Whether you run a business or a blog, have an offline or online identity, the premise of something fantastic can often be better than the reality. The teaser of something that can be unique for everyone depending on their take is the bridge between you and your audience.

What tales of the fantastic are you using?

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