Want to Get Clients? Use AttrACTION

Want to Get Clients? Use AttrACTION

By Jennifer Davey – Wed, 06/09/2010 – 8:46am.

These days, “attraction” is a huge buzzword. If you’re in business, you’ve probably already heard of attraction marketing, wealth attraction, client attraction, business attraction, the law of attraction, and there’s even something called success attraction. That’s a lot of attraction to keep track of!

I’m a huge believer in the importance of having the right mindset. I believe that it affects every aspect of your business and your life. I know from experience that if my mindset is not right due to a family issue, client troubles, or an unmet goal, it comes out in my business.

But while mindset is a gigantic part of your success picture, equally important are the actions that you take. Remember this: The action is in attrACTION.

In other words, the law of attraction could just as easily be called the “law of action.” I’ll show you what I mean. Look at the steps of for the law of attraction, and see how they relate to the steps for my Law of Action.

Law of Attraction – First Step
Know what you would like to attract.
Jennifer’s Law of Action – First Step
Clearly define your goals, the details of your success, your ideal outcomes, and the impact you want them to have on your life. Then, use this information to create small steps and achievable milestones.

Law of Attraction – Second Step
Request what you want from the universe.
Jennifer’s Law of Action – Second Step
Create a commitment to your goal, and make it your top priority. Make a plan based on your steps and milestones from step one, and schedule time to do take all the actions you need in order to reach your goal.

Law of Attraction – Third Step
Visualize your success, and feel like it’s in your grasp.
Jennifer’s Law of Action – Third Step
I say basically the same. Visualize the success you want to attract, and allow yourself to feel that you’ve already reached that success. This will make the needed actions easier to take. When you truly believe that you have what it takes to be successful, all of these actions become much easier. And when it’s easy to take action, it’s easy to achieve success. Think of the well-known phrase, “Fake it until you make it.” Same idea, but you won’t have to fake it.

Law of Attraction – Fourth Step
Be thankful for the fact that you have achieved your goal.
Jennifer’s Law of Action – Fourth Step
Again, I say almost the same thing. Be thankful for the goals you have achieved. This is important for two main reasons:

1)    When you’re thankful, you become capable of enjoying your success, which is what it’s all about.
2)    When you’re thankful, the people around you will feel appreciated, which leads to more good things.

All of your actions for getting clients should be done mindfully. Mindful actions translate into the things that you’re seeking to attract. Also, mindful actions that are based upon reaching specific goals help you recognize opportunities that you otherwise might miss.

Think about it: Are you using attrACTION?

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