Using Facebook To Market Your Business

Using Facebook To Market Your Business

By Lyndi Thompson – Tue, 08/03/2010 – 10:26am.

After posting recently on’s fan page I noticed a link under the post that said “promote”. Sure, I have created Facebook ads before however this time I was curious and decided to dive in and buy my first advertisement on Facebook. Step by step screen-shots of the whole experience along with insight into what I would recommend if you decide to go down this route yourself.

Over the next 12 screen-shots you will get to see how easy creating a Facebook advertisement really is. This is a long post but happily stuffed with mostly images. Each image has been reduced to fit on the screen. Feel free to click on the photos to get a better look.

The promote link displays when you “own” or are an administrator of a page. Visitors to your fan page will not see this link. Just for you!

Clicking on the link promote brought up this slick little advertisement preview window. Instantly showing how the ad would look as I update copy and even change the image. Click “Edit Ad” to get additional options customizing your ad, target and even set the price you are willing to pay for a visitor to click on your ad.

I updated the body of the text, the default link you see is taken from the article I clicked the “promote” link from. Little messages will appear as you customize your ad letting you know of important elements to consider when creating your text. Facebook prefers that advertisements use appropriate capitalization. NO ONE LIKES WHEN TEXT IS IN ALL CAPS… Oh! Sorry.

This targeting section is my favorite. Perfect layout and presentation for anyone who is either looking to be strategic or is a novice in creating online advertisements. Being able to narrow down what kind of person you want to see your advertisement is key for any business.

My favorite element of targeting that only Facebook is really able to say they can do it well. In every person on Facebook’s bio (100 million registered) there is a section that is filled out with “Likes and Interests” — volunteered information that helps you reach the right people. If you are selling custom made dog collars, type in “dogs” targeting your audience.

This section might not apply to everyone, however if you maintain a lot of different fan pages this section is key. You already have communities you ca leverage with the idea of “If you like this fan page you might like this other one too!”. Managing client’s fan pages I am not going to use this feature however I wanted to highlight how you could easily use this feature to further target your customers/fans.

Then off to the interesting part. Putting value on an advertisement on Facebook. Helping clients decide whether or not Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) used to be a huge part of my job. Strategically aggressive  was right move to splurge on their marketing budgets in hopes they would ultimately get a phone call or sell a product on their website.

Ah ha — Pricing!

Each time you change a setting this little box on the right hand side gives you an estimate on how many people in the selected area with the preferences you selected could possibly see this advertisement. Which is very helpful for someone is not familiar with pay-per-click editors and creates a good sense of how to value the ads potential.

Keep an eye out on this little box as you start to narrow down your preferences. I selected “social media” in the interests and this little estimated reach box told me less than 20 people in Washington not already connected to would be reached.

Reviewing the ad is clean and straight forward giving you a good idea of how your advertisement is going to look.

Happy to see that Facebook offers advertisers the ability to quickly and easily pay with their credit card or PayPal. Who ever designed the funnel for the advertisements really wants the users to have a clear understanding of what is happening each step of the way.

After placing an advertisement order I was directed to this advertisement dashboard. Expecting not to have a huge click through rate by only running the advertisement for one day however after the ad runs I will post what the dashboard offers as far as analytics.

Overall creating a quick promotion for Facebook fan pages is pretty easy and quick. Love the ability to target very specific groups of people and use other Facebook fan pages to help narrow down the most likely group to be interested in  the ad. I am currently researching a tool that I could recommend as the best Facebook ad management tool.

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