Use Fear To Your Advantage

Use Fear To Your Advantage

By Danny Brown – Mon, 06/14/2010 – 10:53am.

There’s a lot of fear at the minute. Fear of knowing is joining fear of the unknown as a staple in our lives.

Knowing the economy sucks leading to a future unknown.

Knowing we can’t stand around but not knowing what first steps to take.

Knowing you want to try something new but so many unknown things to learn.

But you know, fear is a good thing. Fear is what spurns us to experiment. Fear is what leads us to overcoming hurdles and reaching far higher plateaus on the other side. In short, fear is our friend.

It’s right to be afraid. That’s common sense. We know that we’re not in the greatest of times – anyone who says otherwise isn’t accepting the facts.

But when we accept that truth and face the fear it brings, we can work on it.

We can use the fear.

You may have been laid off. You might be in a job where there are planned redundancies. You might run your own business where clients are shrinking. You might have more time on your hands now than you did three months ago, six months ago. Use it.

Connect that time with your fear. Make yourself a deal that you’ll become master of your own destiny. Use the time to learn new skill sets, to meet new people, to widen your community of knowledge and prospects.

Brush up on your core strengths and add to them. Use the tools around you to see what people are looking for, what businesses are looking for. We have never had so much free information at our fingertips – use it.

The best resource tool on the planet is one mouse-click away. It doesn’t matter if it’s Google, Twitter, a Facebook group, a LinkedIn forum, online community, online encyclopedia or whatever. The tool you need for the fear you have is right there in front of you. All you need to do is find it.

Fear is a stumbling block. But we only stumble if we’re in the dark.

Isn’t it time we switched the lights on?

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