The Power Of Hashtags

The Power Of Hashtags
By Stacy Karacostas – Thu, 07/01/2010 – 10:12am.

Are you on Twitter?

If so, hopefully you’ve discovered the power of hashtags (basically a pound sign # and some letters). Or maybe you’ve seen hashtags and wondered what the heck they were.

Well, basically they are a way for you to track what others are saying about you, your event, your product or whatever you’ve created a hashtag for. The most common use is to let you track when someone tweets about your upcoming event. You just create a hashtag (keep it short since tweets are limited in size) then let people know to use it when they tweet about your event. And be sure to use it in your own tweets so it gets attached to retweets.

Then you can track usage on Twitter or using a service like SocialOomph and see who’s talking about you.

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