Tech Companies’ Approaches To Site Upkeep Explored

Tech Companies’ Approaches To Site Upkeep Explored

By Doug Caverly – Mon, 04/19/2010 – 3:09pm.

Corporate blogs share useful insights and tricks

When a site like Facebook is slow, or Twitter becomes inaccessible, it’s a memorable and headline-generating event (at least in certain circles).  Given the millions upon millions of visitors these sites see every day, they do pretty well for themselves, though, and it might be possible for small business owners to learn some tricks from them.

Pingdom’s bloggers recently rounded up a large number of technical blogs maintained by big, important companies.  The first three are Twitter’s engineering blog, Facebook’s engineering notes, and Digg’s technology blog.

Next up is Inside Windows Live, Flickr’s developer blog, and Meebo’s developer blog.

Moving on, business owners who maintain their own sites may find it worth their while to check out the Amazon Web Services blog, the Google Code blog, the Google App Engine blog, Yahoo’s developer network blog, and Wikimedia’s techblog.

At least some of the posts on these blogs should provide information that can be applied under other circumstances, and strategies that serve to keep things like Facebook and Twitter running should be enough to make the average small business’s site bulletproof.

If you have any other favorite sources of technical advice, feel free to name them in the comments section.

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