Survey: 1/2 Of Small Firms Are Victims Of Recent Crimes

Survey: 1/2 Of Small Firms Are Victims Of Recent Crimes

By Doug Caverly – Mon, 06/07/2010 – 2:02pm.

66 percent of small businesses have fallen victim more than once, too

Small business owners might want to check out the prices of locks – along with chains, window bars, steel doors, and whatever other security-related devices are available – the next time they’re at the hardware store.  A survey has indicated that a disheartening 45 percent of small businesses were affected by crime in the past two years.

Small Firms AssociationThe Small Firms Association, which is based in Ireland, drew this conclusion after communicating with 171 companies.  Another worrying finding is that 66 percent of firms indicated they’ve been a victim of crime on two or more occasions, as well.

So here’s a short list of what small business owners should watch out for: theft of stock (with 18 percent of small business owners citing it), criminal damage (14 percent), theft of cash (13 percent), burglary (11 percent), theft of property (10 percent), credit/cheque card (9 percent), internal fraud (3 percent), armed robbery/syringe (1 percent), and extortion (1 percent).

But for what it’s worth, the Small Firms Association doesn’t want the entire burden of fighting back to fall on small businesses.  Avine McNally, the organization’s acting director, said in a statement, “Small business is spending billions of Euro on security provision and yet the incidence, extent, scope and costs associated with crime are increasing.  This alone reflects the societal changes which are taking place and why it is so important that crime, its prevention and the manner in which we deal with convicted criminals must change.”

Let’s hope the situation has improved by the time the Small Firms Association releases its 8th Annual National Small Business Crime Survey next year, then.

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