Stats Show Searchers Of All Stripes Focused On Facebook

Stats Show Searchers Of All Stripes Focused On Facebook

By Doug Caverly – Wed, 04/28/2010 – 2:53pm.

Facebook qualifies as top U.S. search

One way of engaging Google users, Yahoo users, and Bing users is to run three different ad campaigns, paying all three companies a fair amount of cash.  But another way, judging from new Experian Hitwise stats, is simply to create (and optimize) a presence on Facebook.

The experts at Experian Hitwise collected data from a period of time that pretty much represents the month of March, and after analyzing it, concluded in a statement, “[T]he search term Facebook was the top U.S. search . . . .  Overall, Facebook related terms accounted for eight searches across the three top 10 lists.”

You can see the facts for yourself below, and maybe get some ideas about where else on the Web to set up shop, considering that MySpace and YouTube were the subject of a lot of searches, too.

Facebook’s the pretty clear leader in terms of natural search, though.

As for paid search terms, eBay came out on top.  We’ll just steer clear of making recommendations about whether or not you should sell stuff on the auction site since it seems to have made enemies of quite a few small business owners.

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