Small Businesses Create More Jobs

Small Businesses Create More Jobs
By Doug Caverly – Tue, 06/29/2010 – 2:37pm.

Intuit finds compensation, hours worked stats also up

Small businesses were, on average, able to add employees once again last month. According to new data from Intuit, an impressive 18,000 new jobs were in fact created in June, extending a positive run even as a couple other stats also improved.

The other stats are helpful because they indicate that those positions are significant. Or in other words, people aren’t being paid minimum wage or just working four hours per week.

An individual representing Intuit wrote SmallBusinessNewz this week to say, “Compensation grew by 0.3 percent in June maintaining about the same rate for the last five months and now is $2,577 per month, compared to $2,570 per month in May. Monthly hours worked increased by 0.05 percent in June, to 103.5 hours compared to a revised 103.4 hours in May.”

Then, to add to the job creation info we started with, here’s another hopeful statistic: if you use October of last year as a starting point, the Intuit spokesperson was able to report that 330,000 positions have been established since then.

Plus, this data stems from an analysis of around 57,000 businesses, not 5 or even 50, so it should be reliable.

Good news all around, eh? Considering small businesses couldn’t hire people, pay them more, and give them a reasonable number of hours if they were struggling too much.

Let’s hope this trend sustains itself well into July (and beyond, for that matter).

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