Small Biz Owners Anticipate Economic Recovery

Small Biz Owners Anticipate Economic Recovery

By Doug Caverly – Mon, 05/03/2010 – 2:34pm.

Many already meeting goals, though

It’s survey time again, and also again, the news is mostly good.  Administaff determined that the vast majority of small business owners think the economy will turn around in the next year or so, and that a great many also feel their own companies are doing well.

The turnaround stats are as follows: apparently 39 percent of the small business owners contacted by Administaff expect a recovery to occur this year, with another 44 percent putting it sometime in 2011.  Either way, that implies that most companies will be in decent shape soon enough.

An impressive 72 percent of owners (and/or managers) indicated that they’re meeting or beating their goals for this year, though, which tends to indicate that small businesses are well ahead of the pack.  And 55 percent of the respondents expect to see a sales increase to occur sometime before the end of the year.

As for concerns, they still relate to the economy, and to a lesser degree, government healthcare reform.

Paul J. Sarvadi, Administaff’s chairman and CEO, stated as a result, “The current economic environment is prompting owners of small and medium-sized businesses to take more positive, but guarded, steps toward moving ahead in 2010.”

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