Small Biz Expert Proposes “Business Breaks”

Small Biz Expert Proposes “Business Breaks”

By Doug Caverly – Tue, 08/03/2010 – 2:32pm.

Semi-vacations can help owners form better plans

Pretty much everyone accepts that vacations make people feel better.  The ability to get away from it all and relax helps folks recharge.  Only it may be possible to take a sort of vacation and stay productive by going on a “business break.”

Emma Jones, the founder of Enterprise Nation, recently wrote on the Small Business Blog from Microsoft, “Years ago someone told me the story of a successful business owner who, once a year, would pack his bags, leave the family home, and head off to spend a week alone with the business plan.  I’ve emulated this ever since and every year I think it’s time well spent.”

Jones feels it’s best to visit someplace different and interesting compared to wherever you usually spend your days.  She recommended taking time to unwind a little and enjoy the spot, too – don’t just lock yourself in a hotel room with a laptop.

Then Jones suggested, “Ask yourself two questions – how has the business performed over the past six months/year and where do you want to take the business in the next 6 to 12 months.  Write down your thoughts .. on napkins … in a notebook .. on your phone ..whatever is closest to hand.  Be ambitious in your goals and make the most of being in a place that’s encouraging you to plan for your dream business.”

The last step is to just return to your normal life and implement whatever ideas came to mind.

Enjoy the semi-vacation if you can find the time to take it.

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