Significant Release On The Way

Significant Release On The Way

By Doug Caverly – Wed, 04/14/2010 – 3:23pm.

Shorten URLs with greater ease, added management features

About eight months ago, we covered a URL shortener comparison test in which a competitor called tied for first place.  Now, it looks like this aid to Twitter-using marketers is about to get even better, as 1.3 is supposed to be released this week.

Not all of the specifics are available just yet, but on the Blog, an official post outlined a few changes: “Links are shortened automatically once you enter them (a feature you can disable, if you prefer).  And it’s even easier than before to create custom URLs and to share your short links on Twitter.”

What’s more, “[W]e’ve added a ‘Manage’ tab where you can see and search all the links you’ve shortened through  Trying to remember a link you shortened a few weeks ago?  Just type a few characters into the search box and you’ll see suggestions for pages that match your search term.”

This may give some advantages over, the other URL shortener that fared well in Pingdom’s test.  Or at least, this update should serve as a reminder to small business owners to use *some* URL shortener, since they allow people to conserve space and use more actual words on Twitter.

One more important note: all of the features mentioned here should be available for free, even though a pro version of is also available.

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