Marketing Tips for Limited Budgets

Marketing Tips for Limited Budgets

By Abby Johnson – Wed, 04/08/2009 – 2:23pm.

Don’t let the economy stop your marketing efforts!

As businesses cut back on their spending, budgets are being cut across the board. This however, does not mean that businesses should desert all their business strategies until the economy comes back. As reported in the video below, there are 5 low-cost marketing tactics that businesses can effectively integrate during this difficult economy.

The first area your business should test isĀ  website effectiveness. Your website needs to be well designed and easy-to-use. It should clearly define who you are, what you do, and include valuable content. The products or services that your business provides should be plainly visible and so should your call to action.

Try to keep the lines of communication open on your website in order to draw customers back to it. Online newsletters or product updates are 2 examples of how this can be done. These factors are important to ensure that your site functions as a sales and marketing tool.

The second low-budget marketing factor is search engine optimization. In summary, SEO is a process of improving your ranking in search engine results with the overall goal of increasing the traffic to your site. Make sure your keywords and phrases are relevant to your site’s content and that you are using terminology that people might be using to search for your products or services. One other quick tip with SEO, list your business in local search directories and update your information regularly.

Online forums and social networking is the third factor you could implement and goes hand-in-hand with SEO. Both of these areas are very instrumental in building relationships, which is one of the most important aspects of sales and marketing.

LinkedIn and Facebook help keep former and current colleagues and clients connected. Blogs help to develop your online reputation and can also act as an information resource. The newest “fad” in the social space is Twitter. People can use it both as a real-time search tool and as a method to receive instant feedback.

The fourth marketing factor that is low cost is cooperative and cross-marketing efforts. What better way to cut down on costs than to partner with another business for a joint cause? Cooperative and cross-marketing also allows for additional support and exposure.

Lastly, email marketing and promotion can produce great marketing benefits in spite of the economy. Email marketing is an older area of marketing, but is still effective and most importantly right now, is inexpensive. Your promotional message should be clear and compelling. Avoid using words such as “free” or “win” in order to eliminate falling into spam filter.

Before you drop all your business strategies, consider implementing low-budget tactics such as the 5 discussed here. If you know any other low-cost business strategies, please drop us a line below.

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