Is Print Marketing Still in Your Mix?

Is Print Marketing Still in Your Mix?
By Chris Crum – Wed, 05/05/2010 – 12:34pm.

Study Suggests Businesses Sticking with Print

FedEx Office released the results from its annual Signs of the Times national small business survey, finding that small business owners are “eager to lead the charge” out of the recession. According to the results, about three quarters

(72%) say they’ll be the driving force behind the U.S. economic recovery this year. 51% said their own businesses have already or will fully recover by the end of the year.

How important is print marketing to your business? Let us know.

Marketing opportunities appear to be one of the key reasons businesses are so optimistic. 42% of those polled are

considering increasing spending on marketing and advertising this year, while 30% say they may increase spending on sales initiatives.

“Small businesses are definitely getting it right when it comes to identifying and investing in the tools that will help them bounce back from a difficult period,” said Randy Scarborough, vice president of marketing for FedEx Office. “From print ads and direct mail campaigns to online marketing programs and a social media presence, small business owners today are smart and savvy about how to maximize their budgets while connecting effectively with new and existing customers down the street and around the world.”

Back in 2008 before the recession left its biggest impact, 41% said they were considering increasing spending on marketing and advertising initiatives, and in 2009, 44% said they were considering the same. This year’s survey found that 34% made cuts to their marketing and advertising spend last year, and 31% say that decision had a negative/extremely negative impact on their businesses.

According to the findings, 87% say printed marketing/advertising tools are somewhat to very effective at driving customers to businesses, while 61% believe traditional marketing/advertising methods are more effective than web-based counterparts at bringing in customers (of course the source of the survey should be kept in mind…FedEx Office [formerly FedEx Kinko’s] does have a direct connection to the print industry, obviously).

44% say they plan to grow business in 2010 by increasing communication with existing and potential customers via printed materials like newsletters and direct mailings. They are also actively leveraging other traditional marketing/advertising tools such as brochures (43%), Yellow Pages listings (39%), flyers and signs/banners/posters (37% each) and newspaper advertisements (32%).

Where does print marketing fit into your strategy at this point? As more online marketing opportunities frequently emerge, how much room do you have for print?

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